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I didn’t think the Hollow Shadow would arrive in town so soon, but heh, that only made this episode pretty nerve-wracking as we learned more about Mirai’s past with the Hollow Shadow and why she is determined to slay it herself.
Watching the preview, I’m going to guess that the plan to defeat the Hollow Shadow that does not have it’s own physical body involves Akihito baiting the Hollow Shadow to possess him, so that Mirai can kill it while it’s in a physical body. If that’s the case, that could work out pretty darn well because Akihito is immortal and this is where his immortality becomes useful for an exchange.
Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 3 Img 0028One of the things that slightly bugged me was that we saw that Mirai was still struggling to slay the small fries without a moment of hesitation. It was Mitsuki who delivered the final blow and has been offering to some assistance to make some money. Which is why it’s kind of strange to see Mirai fearlessly go up to face the Hollow Shadow with a so-called plan that is really mostly a gamble. However Mirai never had the chance to face it within this episode since she was thrown off course by Sakura, who belongs to the Inami Clan and appears to be within a barrier that was set up a split second before the Hollow Shadow made contact with either of them.
Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 3 Img 0020After hearing about how the Inami Clan took Mirai in despite her cursed blood and taught her how to supress her powers that were too much for her at the time. Their daughter Yui was friends with Mirai despite the fact the Inami family kept her isolated in their home, but ended up being killed by Mirai when the Hollow Shadow suddenly possessed her. Mirai can’t forgive herself, but more importantly it looks like perhaps the Inami Clan (or at least certain members) can’t forgive her either. In fact, they probably reject it because she had ‘inflicted a curse’ onto them, and killed their daughter.
Kyoukai no Kanata Ep 3 Img 0027Earlier in the episode, we were given more details on why and how Youmu had come to existence. They are said to be ‘materialization of human animosity’. They come from twisted hearts, and Sakura who had suddenly showed up serves as a perfect example; as her heart is filled with malice and desire to kill Mirai. It is because of that the  Youmu have been more aggressive and are turning up in large hordes not to mention along with the fact the Hollow Shadow waltzing its way into town as they fight.
Hiromi put himself in a pretty dangerous position. The Spirit Guardians received a PSA requesting those who have the abilities to, set up barriers and cages to navigate the Hollow Shadow out of town. However because the Youmu are so aggressive and not to mention fuelled by the overwhelming corruption, it just makes them extremely troublesome to deal with.
As whole, the episode was pretty intense, but before things started to get darker, it was nice to see Mitsuki helping Mirai out by slaying valuable Youmus before they can get away while she hesitates to deliver the final blow. It’s also nice that even when Mirai refused to accept the ore, Mitsuki handed it over to Akihito to get it exchanged and deliver the ten thousand yen to Mirai (who eventually accepted it).


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  1. Akanezora posted 10-16-13:
    “To summarize.
    Mirai: Go away you don’t understand!
    Akihito: No, I really do!
    Mirai: You can’t understand what I’m feeling, now go away!
    Akihito: No wait-
    Mirai: That’s unpleasant.
    Akihito: …
    Later, after cooking some eggs.
    Akihito: No, it’s you who doesn’t understand!
    I don’t know anymore.”
    ^ this

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