Galilei Donna Episode 5

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Well, that was plain depressing especially because it was two young kids who loved each other ended up dying together. Hozuki wasn’t able to save them because Grande Rosso told her that it was impossible and there as a 99% chance of being hit by one the Adni Moon Inc’s bombers. It sucked that they weren’t able to save them because both children had a dream and Theo had to face the betrayal of Ludger, now the former leader of the Blue Hawks.
Galilei Donna Ep 5 Img 0028I have a lot of mixed feelings about this episode. While I kind of enjoy the Hozuki’s interactions with Theo and Karen, I especially disliked how disjointed it was. A fine example would be to see Ludger (Leader of the Blue Hawks) one minute, welcoming the girls to their city and caring for his organization and then all the sudden the next time we see him he’s betraying the Blue Hawks. It makes absolute no sense to me because it just came out of nowhere and they expect us to put the pieces that somewhere along the line Ludger had given up. Perhaps that was his true colours, but still! I felt it completely threw things out of whack and was merely used as a plot-device to kill off two children. I mean for crying out loud, it was so obvious that they were going to die, there were freaking death flags hanging over their heads from the very moment we met them. It also felt extremely forced to me. Forced in a sense it was as if they wanted us to see Hozuki fail for an exchange since all she has been doing is succeeding despite her minor ordeals.
Finally last but not least, that freaking goldfish-whatever-the-hell-that-thing is necklace. It appears it can not only be used to reveal hidden contents on Galileo’s Moon Sketches, but also serve as a shock absorber/barrier to protect the user from explosions. Not sure if it’s strong enough to defend against bombs, but I’m pretty darn sure we’ll see that be tested some time in the future.
After this episode, once more I am wondering whether I will still ahold enough interest to continue Galilei Donna coverage. It’s pretty clear this show is going to frequently have it’s ups and downs- worse case scenario it becomes a pattern of good/bad/good/bad etc… As of right now, More than anything right now, I want to see more of Hazuki (because surprisingly, I’m starting to dislike Hozuki), so I’m pretty sure I will be covering this episode next week if it’s good. If it isn’t, well I think I will just drop it for once and for all because there’s no point in doing a coverage on the show if I’m making considerations to drop it the following week.

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