Pict943The Evening Party is upon us! I didn’t even know it was going to happen so soon … did they mention it at some point in the past? I’ve always thought of it as a huge battle royale, but evidently it’s going to be fairly low-key to begin with. Despite having beaten Felix, Raishin’s only #100 – which means he’ll be disadvantaged. While he only has to fight one opponent on the first night (#99), the second night will have #98 enter the fray, and so on. Not actively participating isn’t a good idea, because you’d want to remove as many opponents as you can. If Raishin wants to fight Magnus, he’s going to have to stick around for the entire Evening Party, spending at least an hour per day on the battlefield. Everything’s heavily biased towards the better puppeteers (like the Rounds) who can just walk in fresh after most of the competition’s been taken out – but to be honest, they were probably the ones who were closest to becoming Wiseman in the first place. Raishin’s disadvantage only really applies if he intends to keep winning – I doubt any past #100 has ever lasted long, and in theory that should be the case.

Pict948As rank #99, it looks like our new girl Frey is trying to get as much of an advantage as she can… by trying to kill Raishin before anything’s even started. Having seen her catch herself in her own traps, I feel like she’s too much of a dojikko to be a proper threat – but of course, Yaya’s interpretation is that she’s being sexually aggressive, and that Raishin’s been seduced by yet another vixen. Both Yaya and Charlotte (still best girl) expressed a lot of insecurity over bust sizes today (as you do), but I for one wasn’t really too fussed over Frey and her assets. If it’s for Charl, I won’t get tempted by those boobs! And neither will Raishin, whose asexuality I’m almost certain of by now. I’m in two minds as to whether the poor guy deserved that slap.

Pict956It’s obvious that there’s something going on with Frey and her rampaging dog automaton – there were a couple more in the place visited by Raishin and Komurasaki (probably another one of Shouko’s automatons). If it’s a prototype made by the company sponsoring both Frey and her brother Loki, it’s probably still got some flaws that need to be ironed out. Speaking of Loki, so far he comes off as a standard bigshot with a giant robot and a stick up his ass. All the Rounds members we’ve met so far have been fairly haughty, and Loki is no exception. Frey was easily willing to start a fight with him, so there’s definitely some bad blood there – it’s probably also related to their father and/or Frey’s bargain with him. But amidst all this, the Evening Party and Yaya crying her marbles, we’ve seen no sign of Sword Angel, nor any reason why Raishin might want to take them down. While I’m sure it’ll all unravel in time, I hope it’s as part of an underlying plot – the Evening Party seems like too easy a pretext for Raishin’s next big conflict.