Yowamushi Pedal Ep 5 Img 0012
Not too much happened this episode so there really isn’t that much to discuss when I already elaborated last week about how cycling allowed Sakamichi to meet these wonderful characters. And so this entry is going to be super short.
This week fuelled his desires to start taking cycling seriously and join the Bicycle Racing Club. He is a gem in the rough waiting to be polished as while the other first years who are competing to be able to participate in the inter-high tournament have their own riders, and are more knowledgable on the rules and basics. What I loved about Sakamichi this week is that instead of getting worried about their ‘misfortune’ of having applied the day when the captain was going to have them do 60km on the rollers for their test, Sakamichi was absolutely psyched. He wasn’t even concerned about the risk of most likely falling off the the rollers (because it’s not meant for mommy-bikes) because he just shrugged it off and said, “I’m used to falling off my bike” but once he hopped on, he shocked everyone with his remarkable balance (which admittedly I find a tad strange since we have seen him wobble about within the past two episodes, but I supposed its because he was flustered and here with the roller, he is focused). But best of all, Sakamichi wants to challenge himself, and that my friends is what makes him a fantastic protagonist.
The  Bicycle Racing Club is extremely competitive as the captain is determined to defeat Hakone Academy, who is a known to have a team full of aces. So because of that he only plans on picking two new members to participate in the Inter-High preliminaries. But I am sure they are going to pick three since Sakamichi will be the third and most likely probably turn out to be their wild card because of his lack of experience. But I think it would suck, a lot of they really do pick two and one of the three main boys will be excluded. If however Sakamichi doesn’t make it, I do hope that he will keep trying because he after all, he wants to challenge himself!


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