Freezing Vibration Episode 11: Nova Clash


Pict230The plot has become completely erratic by now, and I can’t even remember what was in the manga and what wasn’t – but one thing they did manage to instil was the realization that shit has finally hit the fan. Everything surrounding Mark IV, the E-Pandora and Elizabeth culminated in the big reveal that the E-Pandora were never even Scarlett Oohara’s true focus to begin with – there was no genuinely progressive purpose in mobilizing the top few Pandora from all around the world. Everything was done to provide a front for her actual, private project – the mass-production of Maria Lancelot clones, who (once cultivated properly) would have apparently replaced all Pandoras and eliminated the possibility of further meaningless deaths. Ironically, it’s now going to do the exact opposite – and I think Aoi Gengo knew very well that it’d be ridiculously idealistic to expect this sort of project to work. Even if the clones were created properly, how would they be controlled? If they’re sentient (and they probably have to be in order to fight) will they be that willing to die? And finally they’re composed of high proportions of Nova – and will only resonate (and perhaps fuse) with a real one if one appears. That’s what Amelia has kindly demonstrated 😀

Pict241I think the despair finally broke Amelia – not only was Mark IV a big fat lie, everything else was as well. To be honest, she would never have survived anyway after transforming to that extent – and I suppose her anger and desire for retribution had her fuse with the clones to form an unknown “Type-Amelia” Nova, which decided to head straight for that photon generator. Which, if you’ll remember, was featured a few episodes ago when Roxanne casually mentioned the global disaster that would occur if it was destroyed. Heh. The collective loss of Pandora morale it brought about was pretty gimmicky, as was Satella’s sudden mental deterioration; somehow I remember a similar incident having occurred last season as well. It might just be me feeling tired and grouchy, but I thought it was a complete rush job – if anything all it showed was that Kazuya can’t even support his love interest properly. Even Rana did a better job than he did! Despite Satella having grown extremely strong at the cost of her sanity, it was funny how the danger was still on her – that she’d get killed by Chiffon if she wasn’t stopped.

It’s going to be all about Chiffon from now on! This is where she’ll reveal the full extent of her power. Not only has she stopped smiling, she’s using both her gauntlets and has opened her eyes at last… is Type-Amelia really something she has to go so far to defeat?

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