So where to even begin with the last two episodes of Samurai Flamenco? The series has completely thrown logic out the window, and firmly established its universe as one straight out of a sentai series, complete with monsters who grow to enormous sizes, ridiculous plans for world domination and a combining mecha. Shit is cray, basically.

Masayoshi has managed to end the threat of Viva Torture by defeating King Torture, and a well placed Hummer to a rocket by Goto. Mari did not fare so well with her enounter with King Torture, though; Moe had her finger crushed, and was called out as selfish by King Torture. Mentally, she didn’t cope very well either, going on stage and singing in a badly beaten state. What will happen in the future for MMM is currently up in the air; is there a need for the Flamenco Girls?

There is apparently a need for a Flamenco Squad, with a team of five people recruited to be soliders under Masayoshi’s command. These people are lead by Kaname, and are dedicated to taking down the new threat, From Beyond, a massive towering eye? I’m not even sure anymore. The new enemies from From Beyond are now capable of growing to enormous sizes and rampaging across the city, necessitating a combining mecha…

At this stage, I have absolutely no clue where Samurai Flamenco is going. It seems too self aware to be a series entry into the super sentai genre, but at the same time, there isn’t any real indication of satire. Or at least, successful satire. The level of exaggeration or embellishment we see in satire really isn’t present, and I don’t think it’s lampooning the genre enough to be called a parody.

Which is a disappointing turn of events because the first six episodes of the series were so delightful. We had a character driven narrative, and really intriguing characters with all sorts of eccentricities. It makes watching this show now, which really only seems to be fuelled by the series desire to make Masayoshi into a hero, a pain. It’s no longer engaging on the many fronts it once was.

As of next week, the lovely Sidekick will be taking over the blogging of Samurai Flamenco to give you all a fresh take on the series, rather than my embittered moaning. I also really need to relinquish a Friday show since I’m working six days a week, and blogging two shows in one night is hellish with my work schedule.

She’s also much funnier than me. And not 21 year old who acts like a grumpy octogenarian.

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  1. TheVoid

    The aliens are at least explained to have been the ones backing King Torture and gave him those cells he planned to use for his evil plan and that King Torture only decided to act on his desire to be EVIL once a hero appeared in the world.

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