Kill la Kill Ep 15-25

Takarada launches a fierce assault in an attempt to defeat Satsuki and Sanageyama. Unfortunately for him, however, the remaining members of the Student Council arrive with their new Three Star Uniforms, leading a swift defeat. Ryuko then arrives on the scene to take back the remaining part of Senketsu from Satsuki. Her strength and friendship with Senketsu allows her to activate Life Fibre Synchronise, and manages to both reclaim Senketsu’s glove from Satsuki, and fight her to a standstill. However, Satsuki still claims victory, as her forces have managed to decimate those of Nudist Beach. In the ashes of the battle, Mikisugi and Tsumugu meet up with Ryuko and Mako, promising to tell them everything.

Kill la Kill Ep 15-24This episode may not have had much in the way of plot progression, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t hugely entertaining! The fight between Satsuki and Ryuko was fantastic and really showcased the creative insanity the creators have. It also served as a way to demonstrate just how close Ryuko and Senketsu have become. Fifteen episodes ago, Ryuko loathed the idea of Senketsu, but now he’s a very dear friend. The shot of the two of them holding hands before Ryuko transformed was quite touching; they’re truly teaming up as friends. Ryuko wasn’t fighting Satsuki to avenge her father, but rather to help out her friend. I just found that so nice. Ryuko has really grown as a person, not only physically, but emotionally. She’s no longer driven by pure rage, but by a desire to protect her friends.

AND WHAT ABOUT THAT FIGHT? That was just insane and so fun to watch. It showcased how the two Godrobe wearers had progressed as fighters, but also contrasted their progression. Ryuko grew as a fighter by befriending Senketsu, whilst Satsuki subjugated Junketsu to master her Godrobe. Despite that, the fight still demonstrated strong friendships on both sides. Ryuko was supported by both Senketsu and Mako, while Satsuki was backed up by the Four Devas.

Kill la Kill Ep 15-21Once again, I really enjoyed watching the interactions of the Student Council; they really do work together as a family unit, supporting each other and making friendly jibes and trading insults. Inumuta and Jakuzure’s snarky exchanges always get me. I have a hard time seeing the Student Council as villains, simply because their camaraderie makes it seem like they’re just a bunch of friends taking on the world as a bit of fun. It makes a nice change from absolutely evil antagonists. Jakuzure and Satsuki’s relationship is also a kicker, and Satsuki even made a joke about being higher than Jakuzure (as she flew around on top of her to battle Ryuko. Words cannot do this justice).

But where do we go from here? Satsuki managed to draw out Nudist Beach and eliminate them for the most part, and Ryuko is left with Mikisugi offering her the complete truth. Although Nudist Beach opposed the Kiryuins, Ryuko doesn’t really have a beef with Satsuki anymore. If anything, the two seem to respect each other now, even if they’re not friends or comrades in arms. The next episode preview, however, features a lot of shocked faces, so some big revelations are in store. Even Satsuki is surprised, so you know that the information has got to be good!!