Pic824In the end, it seems like Mogamett’s managed to convince most of the students -even Sphintus- that his world-view is the way to go, pulling off (yet another) successful ideology class. With some of the arguments he put forward, I’m not too surprised – if there’s anything I agree with, it’s that the quality of life down in the 5th Level Authorization District is probably better than the slums were before the coup d’etat. While perhaps I wouldn’t call it “bliss” like Mogamett does, it’s true that there’s a security in not having to work, pay taxes, suffer through natural disasters or worry about food. There’s a reason why none of the people down there are interested in leaving, after all. The bigger issue is Mogamett’s perception of the goi as a “different breed” to that of the magicians; he really cares for the latter, but he’s mentally warped to the point that he merely sees the goi as animals devoid of the higher reasoning powers present in magicians. That’s exactly how he treated Marga, using “it” to refer to her instead of “she” – when Titus took her away, Mogamett acted like an amused parent commenting on the new kitten his kid had picked out.

Pic831This really doesn’t bode well for the future (note that the next episode is titled ‘Declaration of War’) especially as Aladdin’s confirmed some shady activity going on in Magnostadt. Although they skipped out the Zemi selection scene, as well as Aladdin and Titus promising to share the the info they got with each other (hence why Scheherazade made a comment about the Organization) they got the key message across – Magnostadt are messing around with black Rukh. No doubt this is the work of Al-Thamen – and it’s even more dangerous in Magnostadt’s hands (as opposed to goi) because their expertise in magic will allow them to experiment with it and achieve greater heights. If they can artificially create life-forms like that, I don’t think they’ll have to fatally stab themselves to produce a black djinn. Or two.

Pic839Finally, there was a lot of foreboding surrounding Titus – we didn’t get any explicit answers, but its fairly easy to work out the bare bones of what’s going on. Its sorta hard to talk about this without blatantly spoiling anything, but the first clue is Mogamett’s comment that Titus just wants to save Marga to heal his own psychological scars – and from what Scheherazade is saying, Titus’ life-span is just as short as Marga’s was. That’s probably why Titus was drawn to her in the first place; despite being from totally different backgrounds, their situation is the same. Marga cutely proclaiming her love for him and asking to stay with him forever must have been as painful as fuck – deep down, Titus is aware that he’s running out of time. Maybe that’s why he acted like he did when he first met Aladdin? After all, the more he interacts with the world around him, the more regrets he’ll have when it’s time for him to go. What exactly is his condition? Unlike Marga, it doesn’t really seem like a disease or illness, but rather something he has no power to do anything about – I doubt sticking him in the middle of a magic circle is going to help much at all.

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  1. メがねえ三雷

    You know magi ep 17 came out together with this one right?
    2 in 1

    1. Vantage

      Unfortunately it’s not subbed yet, so I can’t do anything about that. I’m not confident enough to watch the raw with my limited Japanese 😀

      I think Crunchyroll won’t be releasing it until this Sunday, so we might not get it till then (and many fansubs use Crunchyroll’s translations as well).

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    You know the next ep is also out right? they got a double slot and released to eps.

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