Wow that felt like such a short episode. Not that much happened since it was mostly filled with the theatrics and humour of the betrothal ceremony between Queen Himiko of Yamatai and Oda instead of hosting a wedding.
Nobunaga the Fool Ep 4 Img 0031We all already knew that Da Vinci has own personal agenda. The only thing that we don’t know about is whether whatever is on his agenda is a good thing or a bad thing. That smirk he had when Oda used the regalia power in the end screams that everything is going along to plan. Whatever his true goal is, he requires Oda is the golden dragon that is supposed to unite the two worlds (stars) back together again. Hell, it could be that is his goal, period. One of the surprising things we learned today from him though is that his tarrot cards can’t just be drawn by anyone. When Hideyoshi tried to draw one, he couldn’t and Da Vinci claimed that it wasn’t his time yet. Mistuhide however was able to draw and drew the Reverse Magician. A part of me actually think this card din’t just apply to Oda, but to Mitsuhide as well. We really don’t know that much about the guy besides the fact he is Oda’s comrade and stand-in at the War Council. However the reason why I think the Reverse Magician might apply to him too is precisely because he asked whether anyone can use The Fool War Armor. According to Da Vinci, it is ultimately up to the War Armour itself since it’s the one that makes the choice. It also obviously has a lot to do with compatibility. A part of me wouldn’t be surprised if Jeanne were able to use it as well because the two of them (without even realizing it) have a special connection.
Nobunaga the Fool Ep 4 Img 0003Speaking of the War Armours, back in the first episode I mentioned that it appears that using The Fool takes a toll on the user. Today showed us exactly that as Oda collapsed right after he managed to chip off a large a piece of Shingen’s War Armour. Da Vinci claims that both units had met their limit, but in two different cases. Something came up with Shingen’s War Armour so he retreated when he had the opportunity, while Oda himself was taking the toll. It probably has something to do with the fact The Fool is a very different model (as it was built by Da Vinci a western star citizen), and it’s a a special kind. However we don’t know yet whether the Western Models have the same mechanics as The Fool, but we will find out soon enough.
That being said, not only Da Vinci will be making more in the future (though we don’t know how long that will take), the Nobunaga Clan’s Council has already ordered three hundred units from Takamagahara. Oda had demanded they let him go and take down Takeda on his own, but his father shot him down remarking how foolish it would be. But you know what, Oda is actually right about one thing though: There’s movement on the Star of the West, and it’s only a matter of time before a horde of them rain down upon them. Yet little do they realize, a few of them are already on their way, and they are on a mission to get ahold of Da Vinci and perhaps even Jeanne (if either if they need her or want to kill her), who are presently under the Nobunaga Clan’s roof. And we know for certain that isn’t going to end well for anyone considering these Western War Armours were built by Da Vinci himself.
Nobunaga the Fool Ep 4 Img 0012On the more humourous note, Queen Himiko is absolutely hilarious. She is absolutely head over heels for Oda. It was very cute to see her cheering for Oda, or how happy she was about being swung around in a circle despite the fact it turns out Oda still does not remember her. I do have to say, I wonder when he will. Himiko is also one hell of a sharp woman as she imeaditely picked up on the fact that Ranmaru (Jeanne) is in fact a woman. Unfortunately for Jeanne, two people found out today, one through forced confrontation, the other by accident when she had let her guard down for a second while talking with Ichihime. But Jeanne had a relatively bumpy episode today, but not in a bad way. She is already falling for Oda, as she quickly becomes more and more jealous when he is around other woman without even realizing it. But at least she is on the right track to becoming active since she wanted to learn the ways of the Eastern Star swordsmanship (though at the same time that was also to test Oda whether he is the destined Savior King).
There is one more thing I wanted to mention before I wrap things up: Some members of the War Council revealed to us that they would like to get rid of Oda so that they could have Nobukatsu marry Himiko instead. What’s interesting however is that while the War Council men find Nobukatsu appealing, Nobukatsu is actually quite the opposite of what they need since he has no interest in warfare and would like to avoid being on the battlefield if he could help it- unless they intend to use him as a puppet while they pull the strings.


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