Pic617Thank god Aladdin isn’t as rash as Titus is – if he hadn’t decided to stand down after Meiers turned up, things could have gotten really ugly. Both Aladdin and Titus are brilliant scholarship students, but it doesn’t change the fact that they’re students – and are thus a cut below magicians like Doron and his scary giant plants (seems like whips run in the family). Although even though I say they’re weaker, I was still rather surprised to see Titus taken out so easily, especially considering the magic he performed back during the exhibition match. Aladdin may have been able to take a stand (especially if he removed his restrictive gems) but he did the right thing. It was definitely not the correct time and place to reveal who he truly was – trying to release lots of goi would create more havoc than long-term improvement. And no matter how much Meiers likes him, her strict allegiance to Magnostadt means she probably wouldn’t hesitate to kill him if need be.

Pic630Mogamett is a complicated guy. Aladdin’s right when he says that Mogamett is a kind-hearted person – just look at how fond he was of Yamuraiha and his biological daughter Sana. And of course, he treats all the magicians in his academy well, and are lenient to people like Aladdin and Titus even when they break the rules – when you put it that way, he doesn’t sound like such a bad guy. The problem is that this is the limit of his kindness. Mogamett wants to coexist and come to a mutual understanding with all sorts of magicians from around the world… but that’s it. He shows absolutely no sympathy for the goi, disregarding them completely – hell, he’s even stopped seeing them as human beings. To him, they’re nothing more than livestock that just happen to have a bit of magoi in them, and so any goi in Magnostadt either work for the magicians or produce magoi for the city.

Pic644This is a typical case of someone being a product of their society – note that not all magicians in the world have the same sort of mindset, and those that do probably went through the same ideology reformation course we saw today. I won’t deny that Mogamett and his friends had it rough, and that he has some justification at least – the bureaucrats in his country were truly piggish bastards. Mogamett started off with intentions that were entirely benevolent, and he worked in order to help out the goi… before being scapegoated for some epidemic that ran through the country. Even after that, the magicians retreated quietly for decades until they were forced to sacrifice themselves to help Partevia (the death of poor Sana was probably the last straw for Mogamett). I also won’t deny that magicians prioritize their desire for knowledge, much like Aladdin himself is doing right now – although it seems to me like the lust for dominance, supposedly a goi trait, is rather similar to what Mogamett himself has been displaying with his goi enslavement practices. I see where he’s coming from, but I can’t say that I agree with that school of thought.

Perhaps the greater issue right now is that Mogamett’s not anywhere close to changing his way of thinking, and the current empires really aren’t helping – look at Kouha and his extravagant declaration of war. And with the advent of metal vessels, a type of power magicians can’t wield, the goi threat has increased even further. This guy’s probably on a one-way road towards falling into depravity – if he hasn’t already done so.

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  1. メがねえ三雷

    I’d say he’s half-mad from all that treatment by the Musta’sim people.

    1. Vantage

      Mogamett’s definitely been warped by all the things he’s had to go through… his world view (while understandable) is pretty delusional. Half-mad sounds about right to me!

  2. Noc

    This episode was just fantastic. Even though I don’t quite agree with Mogamett’s view’s, the ending made me tear up a little bit TT.TT excellent call on letting the episode overlap with the ED theme, A-1. Now just give me a Maaya Sakamoto insert song near the end of this arc and my love will be yours!!

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