Let me get this out of the way – I have got no clue on what’s happening in this series. The first episode did nothing to properly explain what is going on. I’ve got so many questions right now. What does it mean for Kate to ‘conquer’ something? How should she go about doing it? What are these powers she seems to have? Does Asuta have these powers too? And martial law? How does that tie in with the fact that we’ve got magical lolis in this anime? What are those colourful things? WHAT ARE THOSE GIANT MONSTERS?! WHAAAAAAT IS GOING ON?????

I thought my confusion from the first episode could be because I’m not paying attention while watching or something, but seriously there is no way it’s because I was in a daze that I am THIS confused. The first half was still easy to follow – just Asuta going to school again (why does a boy running away from home still go to school?) before Itsuka (voiced by Mariya Ise, and sounding exactly like Killua) drags him over to Zvezda HQ (painfully obvious location aside) for training to be a proper member of the organisation. We do get introduced to the rest of the Zvezda members but damn were those introductions pretty useless because I’d rather have them explain to me what the hell was going on in the second half of the episode.

This show is fun of course – still pretty funny, and I’m genuinely interested in the setting (and Hoshimiya Kate is still #1) but I can’t suppress my utter confusion watching this. A-1 has already got two episodes out, and half of an episode has been spent on characters eating dinner. I would’ve thought that by now I would have my questions answered. I’m going to drop blogging this of course, there’s no way I can blog anything other than endless ????s, but I’ll definitely keep watching. It’s earned more than 3 episodes, but I don’t think I’m going to give the series any more time than that.

basically me watching this show

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  1. Joao Carlos


    Are you watching “Samurai Flamenco”? You watched “Gatchaman”? Or any “Power Rangers”?

    Zvezda is a parody to all that sentai series. There are the super-heroes, a sentai “power rangers” organization with fight evil, that girls with bird costumes. And there are the villains that try to conquer or destroy the world, an evil organization of monsters and super villains.

    The MC joined the villains and the villains leader is a little girl. We know from first episode that she will really conquer the world (or maybe destroy the world), while all other super villains organizations ever fail. We have no idea how that will happen, the villains are pretty crazy. Luckily the “power rangers” group is not competent and they cannot see a huge secret base (with a sign post saying “secret base”, that is old cartoon trop) in front of their eyes.

    Now I explained it, just watch the show and have fun. IMHO this is one of best shows this season. I hope see more crazy things happening but I think next episode will start to tell us the story of Zvezda members, apparently we will see Odin`s backstory.

    1. sidekick

      I’m still enjoying the series. But if I can’t understand what’s going on I can’t blog it. That’s the point I’m trying to bring across. I did mention it in the post. I understand the gist of the story of course, but not the mechanics of the world they live in. (you didn’t exactly explain the parts i /didn’t/ understand to me, like what the monsters are, what are the kururus, why is martial law so common in the setting that it’s no longer a big deal) Right from the get-go it’s obvious that this isn’t a series playing in straight, you can infer it from the comedy.
      Like I said, still enjoying it. It’s the best winter series this season for me. But if I can’t explain what goes on in detail I can’t blog it. I can only continue watching.

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