Chitoge and Onodera – who, I ask, is the ‘better‘ girl? Onodera is cute, attentive and cute. Chitoge is violent, cute and a tsundere (if you’re into the whole tsundere ordeal). Honestly, both had some of their better moments in the series thus far in this episode, Chitoge being shown to not be as 2D as we perhaps thought and Onodera continuing in her perpetual cuteness whilst also showing Ichijou why, logically speaking, she is the best girl for him…then again, there is no real logic to love. Despite airing on the side of the cliche: the heart wants what the heart wants…

At the very beginning of the episode we’re introduced to yet another flashback, Ichijou dreaming of his first meeting with ‘the girl’ and editing her storybook appropriately so as to give it a happy ending. Honestly, I would’ve been annoyed if some boy I didn’t know drew on my book but, then again, that’s just me. Whilst we’re still totally clueless about the identity of the ever allusive ‘girl’, the scene suggests many an important issue: firstly, Ichijou doesn’t know her name. What a dumb-ass. Secondly, the girl has long hair, leading me to think that it’s Chitoge, but, then again, Onodera could’ve cut her hair (and besides, we haven’t even been introduced to all of the cast of girls yet). Thirdly, we need to keep an eye out for that book. I mean, let’s be honest here, it’s going to be something the girl, if she even remember Ichijou, will hold dear and or at least remember…unless they’re like Ichijou and can barely even remember what happened yesterday (damned childhood amnesia plot-point!).

Central to the plot of episode 3 was the fact that Chitoge and Ichijou’s relationship has been revealed to their entire class – much to their horror. Claude’s still on their case, hiding amongst the trees with his binoculars, and so Chitoge and Ichijou are forced to perform the same lovey-dovey antics that they had to partake in on their date. You’ve got to feel sorry for them, really. All Ichijou wants to do is clarify his relationship status with Onodera, but no-o, Ichijou’s tied down by the constraints of a false relationship! To reiterate: you’ve really just got to feel sorry for them

Nisekoi Episode 3 Image 0019

However, the reality of their situation is that they’re actually quite similar, as was suggested by the final scene in the episode. Chitoge, like Ichijou, just wants to blend in and be viewed as ‘normal’. Watching Chitoge plan her friendships in that notebook was cute, not gonna lie. Ichijou’s admittance of his own prior notebook plotting was even ‘cuter‘, for want of a better word. Unbeknownst to the two of them, they really are quite similar, and it’s their similar backgrounds and experiences that’ll ultimately draw them together. It’s the one thing Chitoge has over Onodera, after all. Ichijou’s been helping Chitoge since day one (or, episode one, to be precise) and it’s this helpful nature that’ll make him draw in the babes like a chick-magnet – Onodera and Chitoge being the first of many (if the promotional posters have anything to say about it). Then again, the fact that Ichijou comes across oblivious quite a lot of the time and is incapable of reading people’s real emotions will make him prime ‘never going to get laid until episode 100’ material…just saying.

Speaking of Ichijou’s obliviousness…how did he not realize that Onodera’s key was similar to the one that he desires with a longing so unfathomable he has constant dreams about the moment he met this allusive female? Onodera’s key keeps popping up every episode and it’s taking Ichijou too long too realize that there’s something suspicious about, firstly, her behavior whenever it’s mentioned, and, secondly, the fact that she actually has a damned key. Get a grip Ichijou! This key is your opportunity! Not to sound like a pervert or anything, but…insert that key into your slot, Ichijou! Key plus locket equals potential happiness…and also a very short series…actually, you know what Ichijou? Hold off on the key for another couple episodes…

Finally, now that Onodera knows about the performance-esk nature of Chitoge and Ichijou’s romance, will she put two and two together and enact a plan to make her move? Of course not. She’s too nice/too naive. In Chitoge and Ichijou’s eyes Onodera can never find out about their relationship – Ichijou because otherwise she’ll question his motives in telling her and Onodera because Claude is always on the look out (and because she’ll definitely fall for him!). Onodera’s eavesdropping mitigates the need for Ichijou to tell her. Then again, if Ichijou’s just going to keep spouting this stuff aloud, he might as well tell Claude himself.

– Chris.