OHHHHHHHHHHHHH SNAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!! HOLY SHIT, OH MY FUCKING GOD- I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! CLAIRE IS ACTUALLY NINA VIENTO, I CAN’T, I AM ABSOLUTELY MINDBLOWN! I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING AT ALL! FUCK YEAH FOR STARCROSSED LOVERS! Man this is a fantastic plot-twist! And this was basically my trail of thoughts: “This girl isn’t an idiot, she is putting the pieces together, she figured it out, yet why is she- OMFG!” However it begs the question of how in the world did she not recognize him up till now? Well whatever, this is a common practice in fiction. This also begs the question of whether Ignacio knows that Nina Viento. A part of me thinks he does, which is why he probably tried to go and fly again (I mean LOL, there no way in hell he would do this for Kal-El, if anything it would have to be for Claire!) and it would explain why he has been so angry about how Claire and Kal-El are falling in love (I mean come on, it’s so obvious these two have a thing for each other).
But brilliant Plot-Twist aside, raise your hand if you did this: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ when Airi and Ignacio only talked for exactly TWO SECONDS, brief, and didn’t get anything more THAN ONE PEEP, AGAIN FROM IGNACIO! I swear to god I am getting increasingly pissed off about this matter. At this point I’m just going to stop, stop waiting for the guy to finally to talk and to interact with Airi because of reasons.
On the more brighter note: We were finally able to see the aftermath of the Wind Revolution from Airi’s perspective. It turns out that age complex thing she and Kal-El has been something that has been on-going since the moment they met. When her father brought him in and said that he will be their step brother, Airi was not happy to learn that she was a day younger than him (Kal-El born June 6th, Airi June 7th). But she quickly took ahold of the opportunity to claim that she is the older one, at least mentally because she was more mature than Kal-El and challenged him. It wasn’t long before she discovered that Kal-El was actually the lost Prince after he lashed out at a boy who threw stone at an actress who played the mother. That same day,
Kal-El made the resolve to become a pilot once more after Airi’s father took him for a flight. He told Kal-El to find the End of the Sky for him since he probably would never have the chance to do so.
Next week it looks like we will be learning more about Claire’s past and perhaps how she discovered her powers, and wounded up as the Priestess. I am more or less expecting the big fight to happen soon, but I have a feeling they want to cover most of the backstories before they do.


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