Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 4



Eh? What?






Look at her expression. Full of boundless love, adoration and… is that a hint of smugness there?

Ahh, this episode was full of priceless moments. We’ve definitely diverged from observing Yuuta x Rikka this time, but an entire episode devoted to Mori Summer is guaranteed to be entertaining! It’s quite similar to Kyoukai no Kanata’s idol episode, in terms of plot development 😀

Throughout the show, Nibutani’s tried even harder than Yuuta to cast off her former chuuni self and embrace her riajuu life – unfortunately she has been met with painful, repeated failure in the past, and this has showed no signs of improvement. To be honest, if it’s her self-image she’s worried about (I think that’s at least one reason) it doesn’t seem like any of her friends particularly mind. Dekomori and Rikka manage to separate their chuuni selves well enough in school – and a lot of people know about Rikka anyway. Well, now the entire school knows about Mori Summer-chan too!

To Nibutani, I’m sure there’d be no better way to embrace your fulfilling high school life than by sacrificing your youth to serve the rest of the student body (poor Isshiki thought the same) – it’s just a bit unfortunate that a popular, influential member of said student body happened to be Dekomori. Her reputation’s already wobbly because of Dekomori’s antics – and if there was ever going to be a reason for her failure, it’d be Dekomori. Strangely enough, it was also going to be the reason for her success (once Satone helpfully proved Mori Summer’s legitimacy) after Dekomori pledged lifelong fealty to her eternal goddess… and the dynamic between them changed completely. It was like… wow. It felt so surreal! I’m sort of glad it was temporary though – it didn’t feel right having Dekomori treat Nibutani with stunned adoration. And Mori Summer herself started seeing her in a new light as well! Until her speech that is.

I knew that picture was going to pose a problem.


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