With last week’s double episode, it seems like Magi’s release schedule (or its subs at least) have been thrown out of whack completely. Here’s to hoping everything will return to normal with this Sunday’s episode.

Pic099Anyway, the advertised war has finally gotten under way, and it’s actually quite grimdark. At this point it’s pretty hard to tell who’s going to win – each side keeps pulling out trump cards that are bigger and better than what their opponent can offer after being pushed around for a bit. It certainly didn’t start off in Reim’s favour – spears are great and all, but physical weapons are nowhere near enough when you’re up against a triple-layered Bolg barrier. And the diversity, range and power of magic is definitely more than what ordinary footsoldiers can handle – Reim’s gunpowder managed to put them on edge a bit (and break the first barrier) but even then I think Magnostadt’s first-class magicians are above bombs (also, bombs are on par with an Extreme Magic? I doubt that). The attitude of the magicians towards Magnostadt’s ordinary soldiers were one thing I did admire about them – the magicians are still willing to protect the citizens of their country regardless of whether they’re goi or not. The responsibility they’re willing to take on in return for absolute rule and authority is something I have to admit they’re doing right.

Pic114On the other hand, they seem to utterly despise the goi of any other country. I admit the origin of this war (i.e. who exactly provoked who more) is sort of ambiguous, but as Aladdin said, this is definitely not a defensive war on Magnostadt’s side. Putting up a three-layered barrier would definitely suggest that, but the massive laser of doom most certainly does not. I bet all those people in the 5th Level Authorization District aren’t doing too well right now 😀 Mogamett seems to be using this war as an excuse to massacre as many goi as he possibly can, with that laser being the quickest and most effective way to do so – and it’s two birds with one stone, really. He kills lots of foreign goi with the laser, and he kills lots of domestic goi in the 5th District! Charming.

Pic136If Aladdin hadn’t stopped the WMD, I’m sure the Fanalis Corps would have taken it out easily. It seems like Scheherazade was only going to let them loose after they’d gotten rid of the barrier, but their appearance this early is just going to screw Magnostadt over even faster. Magicians are easily more powerful than footsoldiers, but I’m not sure I can say the same when they’re up against a bunch of trained, animalistic Fanalis… who seem to love fighting much more than Morgiana ever has. Actually, it’s just Morgiana and Muu who haven’t shown that bestial sort of trait at all – the rest of them are far wilder. Can Aladdin stand up to them? Maybe, if he’s finally willing to unveil his true power as a Magi after all this time, for the sake of saving Titus, stopping the war and stopping Mogamett.