Pic424Wow, what a scary djinn equip! It’s surprisingly radical in changing Muu’s physical appearance – he looks really, really feral now. It’s how I’d imagine Sphintus to look like if he ever got his hands on a metal vessel 😀 Muu’s raw power is just what you’d expect if you combine the natural power of a metal vessel with his Fanalis heritage – Aladdin had a great deal of trouble standing up to his sheer offensive power (even with a bit of innovation on his part). RIP Aladdin’s staff ;_; It does come at the disadvantage of a short usage time, but the important part is that it can get the job done! And with multiple barriers just falling like scraps of paper, I’m pretty sure Muu would have succeeded in completely destroying the city (and Aladdin) with his Extreme Magic had it gone off like it was supposed to.

Pic443Alibaba’s reappearance was so touching ;_; Even though Aladdin says he hasn’t changed, he definitely looks more mature to me than he was before (if only because his djinn weapon equip looks like it’s evolved slightly). It came as a surprise that Reim had no idea he was a metal vessel user all along – he even looks like he’s well acquainted with Muu and the rest of the Fanalis Corps, and yet he’s never used Amon in front of them? Surely they must have seen the pentagram on his sword at least. Scheherazade had no idea either, although her reasoning was more justified. It’s very unfortunate that she’s actually more similar to Titus than he ever imagined – I think everyone just assumed that she kept her body young through some mysterious Magi magic, and didn’t really question it much at all. To think she’s 268 years old… she must be the oldest legal loli ever. It was nice seeing her smile and laugh though – it seemed like she was pretty much emotionless during the war and her long-distance conversations with Titus (who, at this point, is probably bound for a tragic end).

Pic445Aladdin explained more about Alma Toran and Al-Thamen’s goals than I thought he would – he was rather straightforward in talking about the war that destroyed the other world and Al-Thamen’s desire to bring the Dark Spot into this world, sucking up all the white Rukh and recreating that same scene. Even though Scheherazade has agreed to stop the war, Kou’s arrival does complicate things a lot more – not only do they have a greater number of metal vessel users, they’re also probably less likely to negotiate. And with two prominent figures in the empire (Gyokuen and Judal) both on Al-Thamen’s side, it’s possible that they have every intention of pushing Mogamett over the edge.