Bushiroad you do realize what you’ve done, don’t you?

This episode was devoted to making Masaki remember Aichi- of course through a Vanguard match – so that means the entire episode was all Vanguard. Not that I mind, CARDGAMES. And we get to see a Genesis match, which while it is not my babu the amazing awesome Oracle Think Tank, still a pretty girl deck. PRETTY GIRL DECK

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Kai and Masaki’s entire duel is what I call a predictable turnabout- Masaki attacks with criticals, gets some heavy hits early on, Kai counters- blah blah. What’s really important are two things 1. the explanation of ‘legion mate’ so people understand the title, and 2. Masaki’s reactions and development over Aichi.

when a chick this hot is staring you down and your reaction is to think about your 'mate' aichi, you might be gay
when a chick this hot is staring you down and your reaction is to think about your ‘mate’ aichi, you might be gay


This episode was a little dull if only because while Masaki obviously cares about Aichi, she is a very subtle person and so most of her reactions are wide eyed OMG I CANT DO X or subtle “..well…okay..”so naturally most of this game is Masaki going “you know I have these memories and IDK about why they arent so good” and Kai going I KNEW IT BITCH U GOTTA REMEMBA DIS SHIT

[HorribleSubs] Cardfight!! Vanguard Link Joker - 165 [1080p].mkv_20140316_130009


And unlike Naoki when she actually remembers she doesn’t cry, she just smiles and is like MAH friend. I just…Naoki you fanboy. I cant with your crying face.

And importantly, they explain that legion mate is the combo of two cards to become a much more powerful vanguard. You can tell the legion cards because they’re the cards with coordinating art if you put them side by side. And they get SOME INSANE BONUSES shit wingall and blaster blade had a freaking 3200 with boosting my eyes went cross eyed <____> NEXT WEEK THE PLOT WILL MOVE FORWARD AND I’M PSYCHED FOR IT BECAUSE 1.

its going to be fucking hilarious to keep hearing them go MY MATE

I don’t know wether to go OH THEYRE SO GAY or just make pirate jokes because these guys I just dont even. THE WORDS. THE WORDS. To even this post out, have some Minerva. For she is not a pirate. And next week..ONTO THE SHADOWY FIGURES AND PLOT AND AICHI U GONNA BE THE VILLAIN ARENT YOU I CANT

[HorribleSubs] Cardfight!! Vanguard Link Joker - 165 [1080p].mkv_20140316_125943


my gurl

ONTO NEXT WEEK!  (stand up, the next vanguard!)


ps kai u gay

[HorribleSubs] Cardfight!! Vanguard Link Joker - 164 [720p].mkv_20140309_120843


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