Bloodied and torn, Ryuko claims that she needs to put Senketsu back on. Nui shrugs off her injury, and attmepts to take out Ryuko and Senketsu. However, Ryuko gains the upper hand and permanently removes Nui’s arms, causing her to go berserk. In the aftermath, Satsuki apologises for using everyone as pawns, and extends an offer of partnership to Ryuko. She accepts, and they both agree to protect their unpredictable world. After sharing a meal as a family, the newly formed Nudist Beach-Honnouji Academy alliance prepare to defeat the Life Fibres once and for all. Satsuki and Ryuko head out to defeat Ragyo, while the Four Devas, Mako, Mikisugi and Tsumugu prepare to face of against an enormous COVERS.

Ryuko’s development in this episode was really important and satisfying, especially given how her behaviour over the past few episodes has been quite frustrating. It was refreshing to see a protagonist take responsibility for their actions and poor behaviour without breaking down. Ryuko simply accepted she had made mistakes and owned up to them, and immediately tried to rectify them. Taking down Nui in a calm fashion was pretty cool to see. Their roles from their previous encounter were reversed. Nui lost control this time, and it was disturbing, to say the least. Hououmarou remained pretty calm, despite being soaked in Nui’s blood. Just what is her deal?

Satsuki’s development is also more apparent in this episode, as she freely admits the mistakles of her past and humbly requests Ryuko’s support. The Satsuki we see now is quite different to the one we were introduced to; she is much softer and willing to accept the help of others. The scenes with her and the Four Devas were also fantastic. They really are a family unit, and their undying loyalty and care for one another is wuite heartwarming. I’m really looking forward to seeing some kickass teamwork between them with their new uniforms!

And how amazing are Ryuko and Satsuki together? The simeltaneous transformation was a joy to watch, as was them flying together. Not to mention Ryuko trying to spit out the words “sister”. I grinned like a fool.

The fact that the Student Council and Nudist Beach have joined forces is also great to see, as Satsuki and Ryuko get to truly share a family experience together. Their adoptive families have come together, and so the sisters share the first family experience they’ve had in all their time. They’ve both got pretty messed up backstories. Not only do they share the same deranged, abusive mother, but Satsuki’s father actively encouraged her to kill her mother from the age of five, and that same father turned Ryuko into a weapon. They both deserve this family experience utterly and completely.

That said, it won’t be easy. Ragyo is a terrifying opponent, and a mentally unstable Nui is close to completing Shinra Koketsu. The next two episodes should rpove to be a true spectacle, but I fear for the safety of the characters. They’ve been invincible thus far, but they’ve all triggered a lot of death flags. All I know is, that I am going to be thrilled and possibly emotionally crushed, and I can’t wait.