vlcsnap-2014-03-14-21h11m36s13Yes, I left the subtitles enabled in this screenshot for added Sawada Haiji creepiness. 

Only Samurai Flamenco is capable of pulling off a curveball like this so late in the game. Right after the end of the whole universe ordeal in the past few weeks, we see a return to (false) peace, but evil has marked its return? Evil, in the form of student Sawada Haiji and resident stalker of our beloved Samurai Flamenco has come to disrupt peace once more!

vlcsnap-2014-03-14-21h08m01s195I actually find it a bit difficult to call Sawada evil. Other than explosions and what not, his definition of EEEEVIL seems to revolve around playing stupid dirty tricks on Hazama’s friends. I’m sorry Samflam, but I laughed when I saw Pink screaming her head off when her hair was cut. I’m sorry, I couldn’t take that moment seriously.

vlcsnap-2014-03-14-21h20m34s39But maybe that’s what we’re supposed to think. Because it’s later revealed that no one believes anything Hazama says regarding the existence of this new arch-nemesis – he is simply a figment of Hazama’s imagination. Maybe, just maybe, he’s yet to trash the superhero rhetoric entirely. He just hasn’t put on his suit because there isn’t really much of a pressing need as of yet. Throughout the entire series, Hazama’s growth in his ideals has been the foundation of the narrative, as he is constantly challenged during each of the incredibly varied (and entertaining) superhero arcs. So I guess it’s only natural that his final enemy is himself. After all, without evil, there can’t be superheroes. With no darkness, you can’t notice the shine of light. Does Hazama really want peace? Or does he always want to have a little superhero spice to his life? This ability of his to extend his will to the world around him makes him the last ‘villain’ the world needs to face before it can truly have peace. Is he able to defeat himself? His own desires and superhero dreams?

vlcsnap-2014-03-14-21h25m54s167Also, this whole figment of imagination thing sounds familiar doesn’t it? Goto himself is facing the exact same problem, albeit in a different manifestation. No one believes his girlfriend is still alive, still out there…except himself. Because his girlfriend has become a figment of his imagination. Perhaps in attempts to put himself in Goto’s shoes and try to understand and help his friend (since being a superhero didn’t give Hazama the ability to ease Goto’s grief), Hazama created Sawada Haiji…

Apologies, this post is a little shorter (and later, oops!) than usual. A whole new work schedule has been driving me crazy.