What an exciting episode. THANK GOD Noriaiki and Benji were able to make it out alive after taking a huge risk by literally flying next to the enemy’s warship in order to provide precise coordinates to the Luna Barco. I loved they they constantly made it so unclear whether they were alive or not because it kept you at the edge of your seat! What brave men these two boys are, and their determination to be full fledged observers since the last one was shot down earlier during the fight. However while Noriaki was able to get out with only cuts and bruises, Benji however, had lost his left hand. The scarf Sharon had provided to him ended up being exactly what he needed to stop the bleeding. Bless Bandereas for taking the risk to go out to retrieve his beloved students. He is the best teacher ever! *SOBS*
Claire was able to call the wind this episode thanks to Kal-El for not only forgiving her, but also telling her to live. I always felt that Claire never truely lived before she became a student pilot because she committed a lot of sins as Nina Viento that she is ashamed of. Earlier when she thought the Luna Barco was going down and they were all going to die, she was eerily calm. She accepted the fact that she was probably going to die as oppose to doing everything she can to fight for survival.
Poor Ignacio quickly became quite envious of Kal-El’s ability as a pilot. It ticked him off that Kal-El has proven to be a remarkable pilot that is capable of becoming an Ace. Of coures it upsetted him because that was his specialty and he didn’t want Kal-El of all people to take that way or be his rival. But you know what? At the end of the day, it’s what kept them alive. And as much as they hate each other, they really do work well as a team.
According to the preview, Ignacio claims he is leaving Isla- well god damn it, this better not mean death!!! There is also a chance he will end up boarding the El Bastel (who have finally came to back them up- YOU’RE LATE!!!!). We don’t know whether we can entirely trust the El Bastel completely yet, but it would be in their best interest to appeal to them because they have no homeland to return to now.
Next week is the last episode, but even so there’s supposed to be one last sacrifice. I dread it being Ignacio, but it could be something else altogether… Hell it could even be the Island of Isla, who knows. If worse comes to worse, they may be forced to abandon it, and seek refugee with the El Bastel (if they were to offer it- God knows if they even have room for everyone eon the island…). This has been such a good series, I hope it wraps up nicely. *SOBS* No more heartbreaks please!!!!


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  1. KF

    “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds,” said Robert Oppenheimer.

  2. Pablo

    This and Noragami are the two only good shows to come out of this terrible winter season! I hate how they both have to end so soon! 🙁

    1. Eva

      TOTALLY AGREE. It is a real shame that a lot of people don’t like this show, or had brushed it off just based off the first episode…

      1. Pablo

        The problem is that most people watching anime right now expect something amazing or awesome to happen right from start like kill la kill or attack on the titan, and they don’t give series enough time to develop their story and characters. Both this series and noragami had strong starts but they weren’t out of this world but as the story progresses you discover the amazing world, the meaningful plot, and the deep and great characters present in these series.

        1. Eva

          I think it also comes down to how familar people are with the series. Anyone who has seen the Princess and the Pilot KNOWS this is a must see. It is almost a shame that Madhouse couldn’t animate it, but then again- Princess and the Pilot was a film, so it has an entirely different budget. XD Anyhow I am happy with how TMS Entertainment had handled it the story.

  3. Pablo

    I hadn’t even heard about the Princess and the Pilot till this comment!!!! Know I have to watch it now!! There goes two hours where i could be doing homework! XD

    1. Eva

      Enjoy~ It’s absolutely exhilarating to watch! 8D

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