Happiness Charge Precure Episode 7

It was a terribly dull episode for me. I am really surprised to see how long they are dragging it on before adding Cure Fortune and Yuuko to the group. By now I thought Yuuko would have became a Precure, but it’s quite the opposite. In fact it’s Seiji who has a bigger place in their group since he was the one invited to the party in the first place. It might be because he is part of the Precure Team, either way it was good to see him take part of it.
Yet despite how the episode was terribly boring for me (and at times annoying even due to Hime whining or taking a fit), I liked the message that they were getting across. Hime is definitely growing as a character. She wants to become a bit more independent and give something back on her own instead of being assisted by someone, and that includes her activities as a Precure. Today she had invited Megumi for a special party to celebrate the hundredth day of friendship, and was determined to make her a cake all by herself for surprise. However much to her dismay, Megumi came in early to help out prepare for the party- not realizing it was for her and that Hime wanted to prepare for it on her own. The two had a fight because Hime kicked them out after getting so frustrated with the fact Ribbon and Megumi basically took over the task to help her bake the cake, but by the end of the episode, Ribbons spills the beans and explains to Megumi what Hime was trying to do.
It is hard to sit put sometimes when you are someone like Megumi, who constantly wants to help out. I used to be like that. I was always eager to help friends out preparing for occasions and stuff (but I never was obsessed to the extent like Megumi). So understandably it’s hard for Megumi to stay put and wait, especially when she has no idea that the party is for her. At times like that you either have to explain it like Ribbon had, or appoint them some other activity to distract them, ahahahah!
That said, I hope by episode ten things will finally start progressing plot-wise. So far it has basically been a filler arc for the sake of developing Hime’s and Megumi’s friendship, and becoming stronger by working together. Today was their first technical power-up since they were having a hard time dealing with today’s Terribad. Their special move is called Twin Miracle Power Shoot. I loved the whole animation sequence of it. Happiness Charge Precure hasn’t exactly had the most top-notch animation quality to start off, including the lazy final pose for their transformation (which appeared to have been touched up along the way). So it was nice to see an attack that actually is very pretty to watch.
There will finally be a new Phantom Empire commander stepping in to take care of the Precures. The preview shows that the girls will be interacting with Cure Fortune for the first time since episode 1. While I have my doubts Fortune will become an addition to the group right away (she is basically like Cure Sword 2.0 (Doki Doki Precure) with the whole: I won’t work with you!!! Every now and then there always that one Precure who doesn’t want to work with the others right?).


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  1. Hmm. Suite Precure spent the first ten episodes having Hibiki and Kanade reestablishing their friendship after the damage it had taken prior to the series beginning, so that sort of thing isn’t unprecedented, but what is odd is for them to have Cures shown in the OP (Yuuko and Cure Fortune) right when the series begins who they don’t work on getting into the group ASAP. Heartcatch spent a long time with just Tsubomi and Erika, but they were the only Cures in the OP, aside from Moonlight who was established as having lost her powers some time back. Sunshine as the “late arrival Cure” didn’t get into the OP until after her official unveiling in the series.
    Some people are saying Yuuko will become Cure Honey in episode 10, although where they’re getting that information I don’t know. I just hope she gets in soon, and that the girls get to work on bringing Fortune into the group soon. Precure series are all about the power of friendship, and I want to see the grumpy girl thaw out and become friends with everyone.

    1. Yeah it’s certainly not uncommon for the delays of the precures, but you make a good point how in the past they weren’t featured in the OP yet.
      We’ll just have to cross our fingers that whatever sources this titbit about Yuuko becoming a precure by Ep 10 is true. :3 This is why I usually give Precures ten episodes right off the bat as oppose to three.

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