Noragami Episode 11: Forgotten

Noragami Ep 11 Img 0009This episode was so precious and heart wrenching, that it was fantastic. Everything Yato was doing in hopes of trying to bring back some of her missing memories was a lot of the things I imagined him doing and more. It ripped my heart out to see that Yato had spent all of his entire bottle of five yen coins on the art supplies to draw the picture book all for Hiyori’s sakes. All those five yens coins he had collected from his jobs was going towards the shrine he dreams of getting in the future. It just shows how much Hiyori means to him.
It was heart-wrenching to see that Yato was the only one forgotten in the beginning, but it broke my heart in a million pieces to see Yukine be forgotten as well because as the clock ticks a little bit more of Hiyori’s memories get taken from her.  If they were to leave her (as Tenjin had encourage Yato to do *SHAKES FIST* YOU KNOW NOTHING OF WHAT HIYORI WANTS YOU OLD GEEZER!!!!) as she is, she will end up as an empty vessel. Initially Yato did consider listening to Tenjin, but as soon as Nora taunted him and revealed the consequences he was forced to address them immediately despite the fact he knows the stakes are very high. Just by Rabo’s first ambush against them, both Yato and Yukine struggled to keep up with him and before long, Yukine was battered up. Yato knows that Rabo is in for the kill, so that is why if he could help it, he would prefer to avoid fighting them- but neither Nora or Rabo would allow that. Nora revealed to Yato that she will return Hiyori’s memories if Yato defeats Rabo. Knowing Nora’s character, I have my doubts that she will hold up to that promise. She hates Hiyori, I am certainly not holding my breath for her to give the memories back even if Yato does defeat Rabo. Frankly speaking, I half expect Hiyori (despite her present condition) to save the day- after all she did what she does best, slipped into her Phantom form because she teleported out to wherever with Yato and Yukine.
Noragami Ep 11 Img 0033Speaking of Hiyori’s memories. Without them, she feels so O.C. She is acting like a soft character and while she is, she also has that rough side- that part of her where she is a fan of pro-wrestling (which we did get to see a bit of when Yato whispered that silly suggestion). She isn’t the type to stand there and be the helpless damsel in distress so regardless of circumstances I can see her- IF, more of her inner pro-wrestling spirits comes into play- being active as oppose to passive during the big fight. I would laugh my ass off if she ends up getting back the memories herself simply because she is perfectly capable of doing that- but I won’t hold my breath for it just so I can keep my expectations at bay.
It is good that Hiyori had taken the picture-book despite the fact she had forgotten about Yukine because it did stir her heart. She knows she’s forgetting something important, that she was touched and spilled some tears when Yato and Yukine vowed that they will get her memories back. I also liked the fact that the little things she has like the doodles of Yukine and Yato in her notebooks help tell reassure her that she did know them at some point.
Noragami Ep 11 Img 0027Raise your hand if you ended up bawling when you saw that Yukine added his own drawing of the three of them in the picture book! I was bawling, because it was so precious and so emotional- I can’t! These three are a family and all I want is for them to be happy.
One of the things I appreciated seeing was Yukine embracing the role that Hiyori sometimes plays as Yato’s anchor of humanity. Both Rabo and Nora were trying to trigger that dormant side of him as the God of Calamity, but Yukine managed to successfully snap Yato out of their trance.
Last but not least- HOLY SHIT: RABO.
Noragami Ep 11 Img 0000I was NOT expecting to see this episode start out so violently, showing us a bit of the past where Rabo and Yato would ruthlessly slaugher people, creating a sea of blood- and then we flash to the present and we see a bunch of dead people taken down by Rabo in town! MY GOD. That escalated quickly. We also learned a bit about Rabo’s history and that  he was originally Human and he served as a Herald. He later became the God of Calminity because he was feared by so many. Nora is also Rabo’s shinki, she goes by the name of Reiki. Her abilities include being a sword and manipulating water (hence every time she makes a appearance we see that water droplet).
The fight between Yato and Rabo was extremely fun to watch. I can’t wait for the big one next week, I am sure it will be spectacular! It’s quite scary when you think about it that Rabo is what Yato could have been now that we actually seen more of Rabo’s violent behavior.

GIMME SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!

Because everyone requesting it: 8D



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0 thoughts on “Noragami Episode 11: Forgotten

  1. We need to storm japan and create chaos until we get our second, third, fourth, and fifth season of noragami! XD

    1. 8D Support the merchandise however you can!!! 😀 That’s one way to do it!
      There are release dates for the English license of the manga: Vol 1 on September 2nd and Vol 2 will be out on November 18th! 8D
      Also in case you didn’t know, Megahouse G.E.M. will be releasing a scale figure of Yato! The prototype model isn’t out yet, but it has been announced at the last WonFes!

  2. Ill buy everything they put out especially the books because I hate how so few manga actually get translated to english! 🙁

    1. Oh trust me I didn’t miss it: I was screaming going aklsjdlksahdljkashdhlsjkajksdhlaskajklsddhlsakjdhdlsjakdhlsajkddhs relpaying it over and over again going WTF IS GOING TO HAPPEN ALSKDJLAJKD DAT EMBRACE- I CAN’T!!!!!!!
      We’re all gonna die next week aren’t we?

  3. ^That’s right, we need the Yatori preview screenshot! (But I don’t like this pairing name! It just makes me think of Yatori from Kamisama…What about Yaiki? Or Hiyoto?)
    So this episode was pretty great. I was getting a lot of Ruroken vibes actually (is that reference too old nowadays?), what with Yato having a bloody past, running into a fellow murderer who wants him to return to his old self, more or less holding his love interest hostage to push him into action…feels a lot like the Jinei arc. Which was a great arc imho, so I’m looking forward to next episode! I’m especially excited to see Hiyori give fighting a try, which she absolutely will if I know her, even if she doesn’t stand a chance.
    And, well, about Yukine- I was upset with him for being all “oh you’re exaggerating, don’t worry about it” when Hiyori lost her memories of Yato, because it’s actually a HUGE problem both practically and sentimentally, so when he got upset over Hiyori forgetting about him too I felt more like, “now do you get it!?” rather than any kind of sympathy =/ I’m probably being too harsh on him, but it’s a slippery slope with these shinki so I’ve always got my guard up lol

    1. LMAO! Oh you two!!! I don’t upload preview screenshots, but trust me, I will spam the Yatori Screenshots next week. I have to be careful though not to go over 40, that’s the maximum screenshots I will upload. EDIT: *ADDED Preview Screenshots*
      (But I’m curious though: Do you guys want me to start adding preview screenshots from this point on? There would only be four. Would you like that addition???)
      Yeah Yukine brushing it off was definitely weird and pretty O.C- but I overlooked it because it still ended up killing me. *SOBS* But I totally get what you’re saying/

      1. I could go either way on the screenshots =D I’m used to most bloggers putting in a preview shot or two, so I momentarily forgot that you didn’t do that and complained about the lack of them (or just that one shot. You know the one.) Whether you wanna start now or not is entirely up to you~

        1. I used to do it when I first started blogging, but it phased out. I don’t mind trying again to see if I can integrate it into my present style. Really it all comes down to whether I remember adding it or not! XDDD

      2. Oh, I just figured that Yukine not reacting so much was an effort to spare Yato his emotions, since they’ve got that feels bond and all. And I quite like the preview stills.

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