Noragami Episode 12: Heart Realize [FINAL]

Eva’s Final Impression
MAN, this episode was full of feels! My heart stopped when Rabo destroyed Hiyori’s memories, I was pretty much going, “SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!” Then we got all the wonderful Yatori goodies kasjdklajsdlsakjdalsjdalsd, I, naturally as a Yatori shipper went crazy over that. (I must say they really spoiled the Yatori fandom in this adaption!)
Noragami Ep 12 Img 0013The fight between Rabo and Yato was so intense. It started out very much as a one-sided fight, Rabo was easily overpowering Yato, but seeing that Hiyori was most likely the reason for it, he destroyed her memories. Yato was so close, SO CLOSE to protecting and retrieving it, and then it just shatters right in front of him. That plan of destroying the ball pretty much worked like a charm because Yato very well snapped and went mad (so much that it he was scaring Yukine). In fact, Yato is quite a formidable and a terrifying opponent (even more so when this is what he still could have been) when he puts his mind to it, even if it’s a bit of his God of Calamity side that he wants to bury for once and for all. Luckily for him, Yukine faithfully continued to be his much needed anchor of his present day self so that he wouldn’t turn back into the God of Calamity which Rabo had wanted and reminding him of his true priorities (protecting Hiyori’s body > defeating Rabo). But still, it think it could have been even more intense had they shown more of Yato’s darker side throughout the show.
Noragami Ep 12 Img 0017We learned the reason why Rabo had sought out Yato in the first place. His shrine had declined he wanted he wanted to be eliminated by someone who remembered him. He went as far to using a curse to maintain his form. It was pretty selfish wish and without a doubt a nuisance to Yato, but in the end his demise was because of that very curse.
I was relieved to see that Hiyori had contributed to the fight despite her memory loss. She did what she does best, she saved Yato and Yukine when they couldn’t get out of the ball of water. However I am sure I wasn’t the only one who found it incredibly painful to watch amnesia!Hiyori be all soft and timid. In fact, I cringed, it just bothered me that much. Luckily for us, our Queen Hiyori made her comeback to kicking Yato’s ass from being so flustered how much he was clinging to her. I literally cheered and screamed, “THANK GOD!” because I don’t know what I would have done if we had to put up with amnesia!Hiyori for an entire episode. But… one littleeee thing did bother me a bit. Rabo is still standing and Hiyori runs over to Yato going, “Lets go home!”. Um, I don’t know. I felt that moment right then and there felt a bit out of character.
Noragami Ep 12 Img 0026That O.O.C. bit was not the only thing that bothered me. I have mixed opinions about the way whole memory thing was handled. I found it a bit strange how Nora was able to take Hiyori’s memories and hide them or whatever in the ball which did affect her when it was destroyed, yet Hiyori was still able to get them back- so there are two possibilities. One it’s a plothole, or two, it was more of a ‘cloaking’ spell (hence why Nora said, “She broke my spell!”) as oppose to it literally taken from her. By that I mean, her memories are still there, but she doesn’t realize is it. This is probably why Hiyori was able to regain them herself because her heart (soul) remembers and nothing can take that away unless her bond with Yato were to be broken. Yato of course unknowing helped her regain her memories because he was embracing her which allowed her to catch his fragrance. THAT WAS SO FREAKING ROMANTIC ASKDJAKSDJHASKJDHAKSDHAJSHDAS SHUT UP, LET ME BATH THE YATORI GOODNESS THIS SCENE WAS FUCKING PERFECT AND I CAN’T AND I AM FLAILING AND AKLSJDKLASJDLAKSJDLKAJSDLAKSJDASD THE WAY THEY EMBRACED EACH OTHER I FUCKING CAN’T!!!! *THROWS SELF INTO THE SEA OF EMOTIONS*

I didn’t mention this last week, but it was in the back of my mind wondering how they were going to handle the whole cutting the bond matter. They did end up playing that card where Yato told Hiyori it’s probably best for her to cut their ties and her declining. However, I still think they can use it again in the future (when it was supposed to be happen) because while the context is the same, they are under different circumstances. So I don’t think it would be ‘repetitive’ if they were to do that again (especially since Tenjin is like “CUT YOUR BOND WITH HIYORI, IT’S WHAT SHE WANTS!!!11” over and over and over again!).
Overall, this was a pretty good original-content wrap up. The ending was so cute and precious that I was squealing. I loved it. It was a perfect way to wrap things up. While the adaption was certainly not perfect, it was at least good compared to the many train-wrecks I have seen in the past. One of the things I particularly liked the fact they did have Nora mention “father”, because that little detail is enough to leave things open for a second season. Speaking of which, I was terribly disappointed to see that there was no immediate announcement, now we must wait, support the merchandise and hope that we will get a second season because this series is too good to pass. And if they do, I sincerely hope they make it as dark as it should be.
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0 thoughts on “Noragami Episode 12: Heart Realize [FINAL]

  1. What an amazing ending to a great show! I loved it!!!! Man when they embraced each other I really wanted a kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD instead having that idiot steal her first kiss from her later on…..

    1. I totally get you man. But it would have been WAY OUT OF CHARACTER had they done that and as much as I would have been running around screaming and going kasjdlakjdkas during the moment, I wouldn’t be happy about it once I cooled off and would have heavily criticized it. We were already spoiled with lots of Yatori goodies, I am happy with what we got- but there were a few (such as the “Lets go Home!” as mentioned in the above) that I wasn’t too happy about.

  2. Your right… 🙁 But you know that when that moment comes it will be the best thing ever!!!! I also agree that there were some iffy lines and as you mentioned in your review, what makes the manga so great is the dark and noir feeling it has to it and sadly they were’nt able to translate that to the anime. Which makes worried about the upcoming summer series Akame ga Kiru which is extremely gruesome with violence and nudity…. The only real thing that bothered me the most throughout the series was that ugly cg red shape that appeared after yato killed a demon… they could have been a lot more creative with it…

    1. I didn’t mind it too much, but I get why it would bug others. I think it’s good to go in with relatively low expectations because there’s a lower chance of being disappointed, but at the same time it really depends on who is the director and the screenwriter of the project. If I were you, I would look more into their backgrounds of their past work to get a feel of what to expect.

      1. Maybe its just me being picky… but it just felt out of place…. especially after seeing Kyoukai no Kanata which is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I’m a little late to the party, but this episode was THE BEST THING EVER!!! SO MUCH YATORI!!! AWESOME FIGHT SCENES! DIDN’T MESS UP THE MANGA PLOT AT ALL!! Amnesia!Hiyori could have been more aggressive and Nora’s memory sealing ability was a little confusing, but THE FLOATY SOUL-SEARCHING DREAM SEQUENCE TOTALLY MADE UP FOR IT!!! I LOVE THAT KINDA STUFF!!!! Aaah, aaah, and the mentioning of ‘father’ is pretty promising~ season two~ come to me~
    *Works fervently on Noragami AMVs*

      I already manged to get one “half” Yatori AMV out, *Winter 2014 OTP theme XD; so it’s mixed with Inari Konkon Koi Iroha, but blargggg youtube screwed up the timing and I missed a spot because there’s a blank black dot FFF—- When I’m not lazy I’ll fix it but man it’s great to get an AMV done after scrapping so many projects! Certainly not my best though LOL. I intend to make a full Noragami AMV soon (maybe within the next few days before the spring season starts).

      1. Oh yay! I’m also making an Inari video, among others from the winter season lol you should link them, I’d love to watch~
        Inari x Noragami sounds like such an odd combination, but they have a lot of similarities now that I think about it- romance, Shinto gods, supernatural powers, and some of my favorite pairings ever haha.

        1. I swear to god it is probably one of the WEIRDEST song choice to use with Noragami, and probably would have been better with other couples- yet it somehow worked (which is ridiculous in a way because it’s specifically the songs that make me scrap projects altogether)???? I ended up lazy though with the remaining 26 seconds of blanks I had to fill in, and it’s pretty obvious where those blanks were. >////<|||| Anyways here you go~
          I’ll keep an eye out for your Inari AMV then 😀

          1. D’aaaaw, so cute =3 I think the mood of the song suits Yatori’s relationship though, at least when they’re not in angst mode-ToUka’s too XD I like that you used a lot of silly scenes haha, I love watching them but when it comes to making AMVs I have a bad habit of making things as serious as possible, so I can never bring myself to use them lol. I’m going to have to look at all your AMVs now, although I can’t comment since I’m stubbornly holding out on getting a darn Google+ account >.<
            I think it might be a little while before I finish my Inari one- I might end up waiting for a possible OVA for more material or mix it with Kamisama or something. 10 episodes isn't nearly enough, Japan!!

            1. FFF— IKR, IT’S SO ANNOYING!
              Google, stop trying to make Google+ happen! It’s not going to happen!
              For me to make AMVS, I have to like the song or at least my muse does. If it doesn’t, the project is scrapped and I never touch it again. Choosing songs and STICKING WITH IT is the most difficult task for me.

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