Man, just what the hell is going on, Samflam? I’d like to try digging a little deeper but this last arc in the series is just so friggin’ weird that I find myself just laughing at how cheesy and fucking trippy this series has been. So today I’m just going to stop pretending I know what’s going on in this series.

SO THE ULTIMATE WEAPON IS????? vlcsnap-2014-03-21-21h52m34s242

How this ties in to anything, i have no clue. So don’t be asking me any questions. I /think/ I get where the series is coming from, Masayoshi not understanding love and what not, but how does it tie into this good and evil thing the series has been building upon since episode 1?


So beautiful. Masayoshi is the embodiment of a perfect husbando. You just need to teach him HOW TO LOVE and that hair is so perfect 


hahahahahahaha this face i’m sorry samflam you should’ve tried harder if you wanted me to take this scene a little more seriously


lots of Ishihara-san this week. She’s really lovely and all but I’d be damned if we didn’t have a gay end for this one


Okay okay I’ll be a little serious here. There’s a clear difference between the Sawada Haiji we saw this week and last week, Last week it was unknown whether the kid even exists outside of Masayoshi’s imagination, but this week his ‘bullying’ of Masayoshi has clearly escalated a fair degree – kidnapping, poisoning, and he’s even about to kill Gotoh (I think). How is Sawada slowly becoming a tangible presence, actually becoming visible to others besides Masayoshi? This definitely has something to do with this whole thing with LOVE – I just don’t know what. I don’t get why the series keeps saying that Masayoshi doesn’t know what love it, or how to love or what not. He clearly does. He doesn’t share Sawada Haiji’s apathy towards everything, he loves his friends, his allies…and he probably even ‘loves’ his enemies (according to how Ishihara has defined ‘love’).


Oh, and the last episode is titled ‘SAMURAI FLAMENCO NAKED’. I’d go on about how the series is going full circle and all, but at this point I’m hoping Masayoshi is going to dive in to save Gotoh from Sawada while in his birthday suit and preaching about his love for Gotoh, after which the two will live happily ever after as crime-fighting boyfriends. Is this asking for too much?