Black Bullet ep 4: Those who are Cursed by Fate

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How does this show have 8 more episodes because my heart has already exploded into a million tiny bite sized pieces. Just take it, show, just take it.

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This episode begins with a lot of important stuff as Kagetane begins his plans to destroy the Tokyo area. As they enter the battle zone blonde Initiator’s crazy big guy stumbles around in front of them looking for his sword- and then falls over dead, with his sword in his back. Kohina makes her appearance along with her dad and they begin a huge battle for the Catalyst- and it’s about as epic as you think it is.

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Ugh the battle is so good and then Rentaro gets critically injured- right after revealing his arm and leg are actually made of varanium! Damn he looks cool. Anyway, he reveals this and then proceeds to have a meaningful argument until he gets fucking gutted by Kagetane O_o and nearly dies until he uses the deus ex probably relevant laterchina that heals him using Gastrea blood. He then turns the tides and promptly wipes the shit out of Kagetane.

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. . . and once he beats him, Kohina cries as her dad seemingly dies right there. Once again you feel for all the cursed children as they are both monster and human. And from here on out this episode does nothing but fucking break my heart so excuse me I can’t form coherent things because my fucking heart has broken into tiny shards that have melted into my fingertips with anguish and agony. PAIN. Despite having stopped Kagetane the Level 5 Gastrea appeared.

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Luckily Kisara has a plan for this and opts for them to use the nearby machine they used back in the olden days to take down these puppies when possible. That’s all well and good. . .until there are no varanium shells. So what does Rentaro do? HE FUCKING RIPS OFF HIS ARM OKAY. THIS BADASS MOTHERFUCKER PAINFULLY RIPS OUT HIS VARANIUM ARM AND SHOVES IT INTO THE FUCKING SHELL CASE. THIS IS HOW AMAZING RENTARO IS

featured here numbah one protagonist
featured here numbah one protagonist

He has to make the shot manually and rightfully is freaking out, he doesn’t exactly have a lot of fucking varanium arms lying around. Then Enju reassures him and god. . .I just love her and want her to be fucking happy because she and Rentaro genuinely are about each other as people, even when she talks about proposals he says she’s his family and she’s too young to think about things like love. FUCK.

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They make the shot and the level 5 goes down.

One Enju is asleep Rentaro goes out- he’s looking for the blonde initiator from the night before. What he finds is a pile of dead level 4s and a very injured initiator. The worst is happening- she is beyond 50% and will soon become a Gastrea herself.

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She wants him to kill her as a human, but she emphasizes one thing- he has to save this world. He was the only person who accepted her as a human being, and she couldn’t let him die so easily. He shoots her and she falls dead- with the episode ringing true to this show. The Cursed Children- even when accepted. . . can’t seem to find happiness. They are truly doomed from birth.

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We cut back to the city and Rentaro is confronting. . .the adviser to the Mayor?? And it turns out. . .Kagetane’s knowledge was basically all attributable to him leaking it- he wanted people to fear the Gastrea more so the Cursed Children would not obtain more rights. If anything, this was all done just so the cursed children would have to suffer more for their own births.

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The Mayor and Rentaro discuss the contents of the box-  . . .an old tricycle. It becomes apparent the Gastrea are far more than they seem, and Rentaro is told the only way he can know the truth is to climb the ranks with Enju. But as we cut to the ending we see Rentaro telling Renju her corrosion rate is low. . .only for it to cut to a final shot of her real corrosion rate- 42% – . . .Enju has just under 8% left until her body breaks down and she becomes a Gastrea.

And Rentaro is left with no reason why.

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All I have to say about this episode is that it broke my fucking heart. This show gave us a bunch of little girls who just want to be little girls- who just want to be loved and treated like they deserve to live. One by one each and every one of them loses tings in their lives. Kohina watches her father seemingly die,

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And some of them aren’t even treated as humans by the people they care enough about to want their lives to be saved.

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And the ones lucky enough to be cared about are still faced with the truth- the inevitable.

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The countdown to their cursed fate.


4 thoughts on “Black Bullet ep 4: Those who are Cursed by Fate

  1. This episode was fucking good, but on other hand it looks like a lot of pain is coming.

    It will be a tragedy if Rentarou kills Enju, it will be suffering, it will vey very sad. ENJU CANNOT DIEEEEEEEEE. PLEASE, RENTAROU, SAVE THE WORLD, BUT TRY TO SAVE HER TOO Ç______________Ç

    Amazing post. It couldn’t be more perfect. ^^ 1000/10

  2. This show is so awesome! As you said… how the hell does this show have 8 episodes left? This last episode could have easily been a finale! It is so nice to actually see main character that is actually badass and Enju continues to be the cutest little girl in anime ever!!!!! Although the cursed fate you mention is most likely Rentaro having to kill Enju it could possibly be that they end up killing each other especially considering that Rentaro took in all those injections with gastrea blood. And yes some part of his body is made of varanium, but i feel like that blood will come back to bite him later on… Great review thanks!

    1. I have no doubt they’re trying to put that fear into our brains- and I so badly want to be wrong D:

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