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Today, Teppei and Akari has been assigned for a mission to safely retrieve Arashi Eiji, who was Teppei’s gene donor. Unfortunately for them Salty Dogs (so Nishikubo suspects, I am on board as well) were too targeted Eiji. despite the subtle tone, it was extremely fast paced, to the extent I was actually having trouble taking the notes down because so much information was flying by in so little time. Before I dive into some new details that have been shared today regarding the fractions, I want to start off with elaborating further what made this episode so phenomenal!
Although it might just be me, I felt there was such a different tone to this episode compared what I am used to, and that it actually feels quite fresh to me. It may be because I haven’t experienced it in this kind of way before (or in a very long time) that it makes it feel different. It was subtle, quiet, sad, but not depressing, and powerful enough to leave an impact on the audience. There were no big explosions, no major epic fights, instead we were delivered something so much richer that I take as such a treat. From start to finish, this episode was so emotional to watch.
Captain Earth Ep 5 Img 0020Ever since Teppei regained his memories of what/who he actually is, he hasn’t been the same. The entire foundation of his character has been shaken because he struggles to accept his identity, it and hurts like a bitch, that he isn’t Human like Daichi and the others. But most of all, I think the saddest part was seeing how uncomfortable he was with being identified as one’s child. When Eiji told him that he was one who named him ‘Teppei’, and how he was acting like a loving parent, it makes me cry because Teppei is so unfamiliar with it. To make matters even more painful, in his head, he was thinking to himself how he has no father. But what really ripped my heart out and crushing it into dust was Eiji being that parent who puts his children first. He embraced Teppei, he apologized for not having a chance to fulfill his role as a father or even read a picture book to him, and then put him to sleep while he goes off and surrenders himself to the spies in order to protect him. And if all of THAT wasn’t already emotional enough, another wave of emotions swept through when Nishikubo dropped the bomb revealing that Eiji’s assault and attempted murder were both to protect Teppei from being used as a test subject for Macbeth Enterprises.
It also turned out that Teppei’s is concerned about the possibility of him turning against his friends, (something which Amara had mentioned last week and is confident will happen at some point or another). Poor Hana though, she felt bad for being responsible for reviving those memories, and seeing that Teppei feels even more out of place now. While Teppei had thanked her because it was something he wanted to know for so long, he still told her to be wary of him.
As mentioned earlier, despite the subtlety, the pace of the bits of info dumps was flying by so fast, that it was difficult for me to process into my brain to remember, let alone a struggle to take notes- and this is subtitled! But as long as you are able to absorb information quickly, rewind and review (which isn’t that big of a hassle because the glory of being able to pause your program on television if you have DVR or online stream), you will be just fine.
We were able to learn today that Intercept Fraction opposes the Arc Fraction (associated with Salty Dogs), and that Globe is more (if not already) the Intercept Fraction. This is one of the reasons why Globe had to keep the rescue mission a secret from the commander (who turns out to be is Nishikubo’s wife/Akari’s mother) so that they can avoid brewing conflict.
There was also a mention of Orgone energy, which is actually different to what I had initially anticipated because I had though it was ‘Blum’. But it looks like it was probably just me jumping to conclusions. It was what was used to make the Machine Goodfellows function in the first place (which is why Salty Dogs needs Hana in their control). They also shared some details about the Kivotos Plans (which appears will be addressed next week). The corridor to the Kivotos Plan cold sleep block is known as the Arc Block. To the public, it is a long-distance spaceflight staffed by volunteers, when in reality, it’s a secret plan for the selected elites to escape Earth if it were to be necessary. The Ark Fraction thinks anyone who stays on Earth will be destroyed. And supposedly, Akari’s mother had requested her to be put in the third group of sleepers.
Next week Salty Dogs strikes backs in attempt to kidnap Hana, and it looks like we will be seeing a bit more about the conspiracies lurking behind the Kivotos Plan project. If anything, I am starting to wonder whether the ‘sleepers’ are actually selected ‘volunteers’ to be used either for producing/sharing genes, or to be used to perform in the Goodfellow System.


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  1. “If anything, I am starting to wonder whether the ‘sleepers’ are actually selected ‘volunteers’ to be used either for producing/sharing genes, or to be used to perform in the Goodfellow System.” Ooooh, I hadn’t even considered the idea that they might be a “store” of energy for the Goodfellow system, especially since the characters all but said that not all of the people there are willing volunteers (heck, if the idea is to escape Earth I’d imagine that everyone whose already there was forced, that they’re there so that there’s enough people for a healthy breeding population once they get to somewhere where they can live again….)

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