Captain Earth Episode 11

The mystery of the origins and past of the Designer Children are still densely clouded in mystery. We were told by the characters who have been investigating (the former Detective and Rita who turns out to also be a journalist), that ten years ago there was an anonymous whistle-blower at the Macbeth Enterprises who leaked the information about using children to create illegal weaponry. During this reveal, we were shared that former CEO Kanda had called Kube to warn him that he has been set up and warns him to be on guard, and then committed suicide. It was also revealed that Puck was part of the company at the time, so it was quite fun and exciting to see more clearly that Kube does not trust Puck, even more so when he straight out asked Puck if he is someone who would murder. In response, Puck answered that ‘Yes, he would murder’, but he hasn’t done so as of yet. I call bullshit since it is most likely a white-lie, after-all Puck himself probably can’t murder anyone (at the moment), but instead would probably give orders to others to do so to keep his hands and trail clean.
Captain Earth Ep 11 Img 0019With so much information be dumped with all the glimpses of flashbacks, there are so many questions demanding answers in my mind. They say that the Designer Children are children from Japan, but they didn’t appear in any gov records. Of course this could very well been Macbeth’s doing to conceal their existence so that their projects can run smoothly, but are they really from Earth? With the tales of Hana’s past of how she fled and previously been created as a tool, and how other Kiltgangs had went after her in order to try and stop her- it’s the Designer Children’s origins that I want to know about the most at this point. I AM ITCHING FOR ANSWERS! THIS EPISODE WAS SUCH A TEASE! SUCH A TEASE! They were dangling Amarok’s and Malkin’s past as children right in front of us like a carrot for a horse, and then they were like NOPE, you’ll find out more another day! FFFFFFUUUU—–
Poor Setsuna had learned the harsh and cruel truth that she was being raised to become Mao’s vessel in the most unexpected way. It was like her freedom was too good to be true, but luckily- she still managed to save it by successfully escaping from the mansion well before Amarok and Malkin waltz in. Also, like Hana, Setsuna too can sing in order to provide Orgone Energy.
Captain Earth Ep 11 Img 0035As disgusting as it was, quite interesting see that when Mao had kissed Setsuna while she was sitting in that machinery, it had almost triggered a full out awakening. Instead, it awakened and cleared up a vital part of her memories when she had overheard Mao’s thoughts on how she was aiming to turn Setsuna into her vessel. (How fucked up is that? Talk about a mad scientist). It also begs the question of, just how is that machine goign to be used, and which organization is the Assistant serving (and who is Robin-sama)? It would be puzzling for Macbeth Enterprises to kill Mao off, unless they didn’t like the fact she was going to tamper and take advantage of the machine in order to attempt creating a vessel for herself. So I am leaning towards the idea it is most likely Salty-Dogs giving the orders, especially given how quite they have been lately. We ought to hear from them again sooner or later. OR: It could very well be another party that we have not met yet- but given to how complicated things are with the various organizations we have already, I would perfer it not to be the case unless it’s a strong one.
As we have seen the way Salty-Dogs had treated Hana and Teppei, the Macbeth Enterprises had also imprisoned their Designer Children so that they wouldn’t be allowed to go outside. When the whistle-blower revealed what was going on, they were taken out and supposedly were transferred to safe places. However, the detective that Rita was talking to today said he didn’t believe that, and as result of investigating further of where they have disappeared to, he was fired. But we know that for some, like Ai Summer, Zin, Setsuna and Lin at some point, they were able to acquire freedom. Malkin and Amarok as well were able to acquire the rights to wander around freely by a certain age (or they have snuck out, but I would think otherwise unless they have continuously tampered with surveillance). In fact, they were the only ones (as far as we know) who were awakened by the Orgone energy first no thanks to Macbeth Enterprise, who are actually the ones at fault for awakening the Amarok and Malkin in the first place by putting them into the Machine Goodfellow and injected it with the Orgone energy which they now use to awaken their brothers and sisters of their kind.
I found it particularly interesting however to see Malkin and Amarok being suspicious and wary of what’s going on, especially given that someone (Mao) had just been murdered. But with Teppei’s Livlaster revelation, Amarok appears torn and confused about how Teppei is now a Neoteny.
I suppose next week is going to be the final designer child since Akari had said there were only two left (Setsuna and next week’s boxing guy). With Setsuna still the sweet precious girl she is while free but on the run, I am crossing my fingers that this guy will be reluctant to awakening as well, or react differently than how Amarok and Malkin would like him to. But more importantly, I am curious whether or not this Designer Child has someone who is their light. I feel that if they do, they would not tread onto the path of darkness. I am excited though, because once again both the Designer Children and the Midsummer Knights will at the scene at the exact same time. Actually now that I think of it, I am quite surprised that it didn’t even click to Akari and Hana that Setsuna was a Designer Child. I mean, for crying out loud: SHE HAD A PINK SQUIRREL THAT LOOKED ALMOST IDENTICAL TO PITZ!!!!!!!! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, HOW COULD YOU MISS THAT?! Seriously- the Midsummer Knights need to get their shit together if they want to find the Designer Children before the other two! THIS IS THEIR SECOND TIME MISSING OUT ON A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY THAT WAS PRETTY MUCH HANDED TO THEM ON A SILVER-PLATTER RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSE!


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  1. “(and who is Robin-sama)?”
    Unless there’s some misdirection going on, that’s Puck. In both legend and Midsummer Nights Dream, Puck is also named Robin Goodfellow. Which also suggests that Puck will be able to take control of the Machine Goodfellows, and possibly the Kiltsgangs through them, at some point in the future when it decides to do so.
    “As disgusting as it was, quite interesting see that when Mao had kissed Setsuna while she was sitting in that machinery, it had almost triggered a full out awakening. Instead, it awakened and cleared up a vital part of her memories when she had overheard Mao’s thoughts on how she was aiming to turn Setsuna into her vessel.”
    Not… exactly. The designer children are telepathic, but only when they kiss someone. Setsuna had never heard that information before: she read those memories out of Mao’s mind through the kiss.
    Amarok and Malkin were not among the six children who were “rescued.” They were serial numbers 1 and 2 (a simple count of the children we’ve seen so far and knowledge of the fact that those two are still working for Macbeth would tell you that). While the rescued children were distributed around the country, it’s very clear that records must have been kept of exactly where they were sent and how they moved, because Amarok and Malkin have been going right to them. Hopefully Setsuna can either drop off the grid or get rescued by Globe quickly. If she turns to the wrong people for help I believe Macbeth will be able to find her again, and her chances of getting away safely a second time aren’t high. Mao’s betrayal may be enough of a catalyst to allow her alien personality to take full control if she’s awakened, too.

    1. Oh yes, now that you have mentioned that legend it definitely makes sense for Puck to be Robin. I have no doubt in my mind that Puck can and like you said: will take control of the Machine Goodfellows. It would certainly makes things quite intense if he plans to take manipulate and control the Kiltgangs like puppets. Puck is pretty much playing everyone at this point.
      //Not… exactly. The designer children are telepathic, but only when they kiss someone. Setsuna had never heard that information before: she read those memories out of Mao’s mind through the kiss.//
      Point made. That slipped my mind.
      Yeah but still interestingly enough Amarok and Malkin are able to walk around freely now. They obviously earned that right somehow, most likely probably through building the trust among the employees, especially given to how they interact withe them.
      Praying circle that Setsuna will not be picked up by anyone but Globe or make herself disappear from the map entirely. I dread the idea of Salty Dogs targeting her after they have failed to get their hands on Hana. OTL|||| But I find it interesting that she didn’t flip out about Mao’s betrayal in the ways the others has. She smiled wistfully and moved on knowing that there was no turning back. Was she hurt? Absolutely. But seeing how her nature has been in comparison to the others, she seems to have more hope for the world, and whether she still has that optimistic view, that will probably be the only thing that holds her back from the alien personality taking the reins. So far all the Designer Children who have been awakened felt negative about their lives (except for Lieban, who ironically wanted to find her true self and as it appears- didn’t go bonkers like the others had).

  2. Considering who puck is named after, I would be kind of ticked if it wasn’t playing the long game this whole time… that being said thinking in universe whose bright idea was it to name their important computer after a trickster fairy?!
    Also was I the only one getting HAL 9000 vibes from it this episode?
    I guess the others couldn’t have realized Setsuna was a Kiltgang (heh, all the “I am Gundam” jokes that can be made) to compensate for the Kiltgang holding the idiot ball last episode. xD
    Also I’m not sure if Rita was really a reporter or if Globe members have false professions on record to hide the organization’s existence to the public?

    1. Well we never know (until they clear that up), Rita could have definitely been a journalist before she joined Globe or had at least studied in it. Having journalism skills ought to be helpful when it comes to investigating opponents and looking for connections kekekekekeke.

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