Captain Earth Episode 12

THIS WAS GREAT, THIS IS ACTUALLY EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED! Baku/Bugbear is consciously avoiding Amarok and Malkin because he doesn’t want to destroy who he has finally become.
Captain Earth Ep 12 Img 0027The whole episode was so exciting because of the anticipation of how things were going to unfold. It was so great to see Baku choosing to avoid making any contact with Amarok and Malkin because he doesn’t want to destroy who he has finally become. He is resisting their past and memories, he is resisting their presence, and is fighting to preserve who he is in the present. It is interesting really because given the circumstances he was initially raised (before Kumiko came into the picture, which I will get to in a second), one would think he would like to have revenge on the gang that treats him like a dog. I mean, his childhood was even worse than Zimbalt’s! But despite being stuck in such circumstances, Baku was blessed by having been chosen by Kumiko, who was/is revolted at what her father does, and ended up choosing Baku out of all the imprisoned adults and children when she was told/forced to. Because Kumiko has no wish to follow her father’s footsteps, nor to be the next gang leader, with her (small) amount of power that she has over Baku, she uses it for good things, such as enabling Baku permission to get an education. The episode didn’t dig too much into their relationship, so for most part it’s pretty vague, but the one thing we know for sure is that they are very close. We don’t know if they share mutual feelings for each other, or whether it’s one-sided on Kumiko’s part, but if it is mutual, is “not supposed to be” because there is the fact Kumiko has a fiancé (that was probably out of an arranged marriage) and her father (the leader of the gang) for be completely against it.

I SHIP IT!!!!!

And I am not going to lie, I shipped them the moment I laid eyes on them. The first thought that crossed my mind was, “I hope they will elope together!” the second thought that occurred to me was, “Kumiko and Baku better not die.” See? These two are already my babies! This is all I ever wanted and wasn’t sure we’d ever get after Setsuna managed to get away before Amarok and Malkin even found her.
Captain Earth Ep 12 Img 0032But the episode got even better at the sudden twist of Kairya being immortal (not going to lie, I was hoping he’d die so that Baku and Kumiko could be free…) – which also by the way scared me because I seriously thought some weird zombie shit was goign to happen. But there is an incident that was brought up today by Akari after she had looked more into the gang’s background known as the ‘Magus Incident’. We don’t know what happened then yet, but Kumiko has been having nightmares about it over and over again. Though when one thinks Magus and be told “I’m immortal” by the person who is likely to have been involved with the project then, clearly some weird shit of human experimentation was going on and at some point they managed to succeed since Kairya is very much immortal (until someone chops his head off). Anyhow I wonder how Kumiko is involved with the incident (which appears to be a shipwreck) as well (though I wouldn’t entirely be surprised if she had tried to kill someone), and even more curious of how the Magus Incident might be connected to everything else since it is a new subject that appeared. Well I am not too worried given that Captain Earth so far has been doing a good job with explaining new things that get brought up (even more so since they actually had featured Kairya during Zimbalt’s episode and even gave us a brief flashback to remind us so!!).
Finally to wrap things up, I gotta say, I have no idea where Akari is getting her gambling addiction from or where the hell is she getting all of this money (she better not be robbing it >_>;;). Hana on the otherhand, gosh that innocent precious girl. What a blissful life she lives of simply doing things without really thinking about it (though it might/certainly come back to bite her at some point). Akari joked that Hana should give Daichi a goodnight kiss, and the girl does so- but on the lips! Poor Daichi, doesn’t have clue he already had  his first kiss. Teppei’s and Akari’s reaction to keeping it to themselves is quite funny, they’ll surely use this to tease him later on.


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  1. Baku refusing Amarok and Malkin because he doesn’t want to lose who he is is the last thing I expected, but it’s definitely what I wanted. I hope he can keep a hold on himself, but the preview isn’t encouraging, because it shows a Machine Goodfellow in a vicious hand-to-hand fight with Earth Engine Ordinary…
    Come on, Kumiko, help keep him human…

    1. TT v TT Ikr… wouldn’t it be beautiful if she snapped his Human side back *SOBS* It’s be totally corny and cliche, but why the hell not- Hana and Daichi have been SUPER corny with each other (without even trying). Because like I said earlier on, if every, single, planetary gear were to team up against the Globe & Midsummer Knights, well the Earth is doomed- that is still the same despite the fact Teppei now has the Nebula Engine.

  2. *insert salty-bets joke here*
    Even when asleep and unaware, Daichi works his main character pimp magic xD. (Teppei joining in Akari’s antics that one time was priceless xDDD )
    Also is it me or did Baku use a Shin Shoryuken from Street Fighter against that guy with the Knife?
    Also Also I agree with what you are saying about the ending, I think this is the first episode of this series that was so engaging that I was caught of guard by the credits showing up.

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