But before we get into that mess, I’ll take this from the top.

Fairy 1Hisui has already activated the gate with the keys, and no longer needs them but she needs someone to open the gate. In other words, if the world becomes doomed to hell she has someone else to blame for her rash decision and action of opening the gate; and I guess that person will be Arcadios. Dragan thinks she’s acting a bit rashly – after having sent Arcadios and the Natsu gang to Hell’s Palace – and Hisui doesn’t deny this, but the fact that she knows everyone is safe puts her at ease. Now, she’s only waiting for the outcome of the Daimatou Enbu to decide whether or not she should open the gate or not.

Fairy 2Erza, Kagura and Minerva are still in battle and there is a lot of hostility towards Erza from Kagura, who can no longer hide her disdain for Erza’s shade of covering for Jellal. Minerva decides to leave with Milliana, and says she will come back to fight the victor of the battle between Erza and Kagura. Kagura decides to fight to save Milliana, and also to defeat Erza because she is the friend of the enemy…which also makes her an enemy.

Gajeel looks so different
Gajeel looks so different…

Gajeel finally comes face to face with Rogue and Laxus with Orga, the lightening god slayer (how perfect is this match-up really). The crowd becomes pretty tense during the fight between Erza and Kagura, and her strength is CRAZY. Erza wasn’t able to land a single hit but I don’t think Erza is as into the fight as Kagura is. She’s distracted, which is why she lacks the focus that Kagura has – along with the rage – which gives Kagura the upper hand in this battle.

Fairy 6There were a lot of flashbacks in this episode. From the days when Erza, Jellal, Milliana, Simon and the others were prisoners as children, to when she faced Jellal at Paradise Tower and Simon sacrificed his life to save her and Natsu, to Jellal and his team telling Natsu and the others of their efforts to right their wrongs by creating a guild that fought against dark guilds and Zeref. I guess all of this lead up to the big reveal that Kagura is actually Simon’s little sister, which goes into a brief backstory of her life. They (Kagura and Simon) were poor but happy and were both taken by the child hunters. She escaped and searched for her brother and during that time had met Milliana, who told her that Simon was dead.

Fairy 8Erza felt she held most of the responsibility for Simon’s death and told Kagura that it was her weakness that got Simon killed. I was hoping that she would explain herself further and tell Kagura the entire truth, but I doubt Kagura knows any rationality with all that grief and rage that has been pent up for years. Her brother is dead and whoever had a hand in causing the chain of events that led up to it, must die. It also seemed as if she was struggling to keep her anger under control but when she heard her brother’s voice in her head, she just snapped. She unsheathed the sword, there was blood and stares of horror throughout the arena. I think she cut Erza, I’m not sure or maybe something miraculous has happened, I don’t know.

Fairy 7It’s clear to everyone who isn’t at the Daimatou Enbu (Natsu and Jellal, in particular) that something may have gone wrong…but the looks on their faces put me at ease to some degree; I’m not too worried. Next episode will be more fighting with Laxus vs. Orga and Gajeel vs. Rogue. I want to pick which battle I’m more excited for, but I can’t wait for them both!

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  1. Aaron

    What if Minerva saw what was happening and put Milliania in front of erza and have jaguar kill her by accident??!?!??!?

    1. charlmeister

      …No ._.
      And the thing is, I can see that happening because Minerva is a class A cunt.

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