fAIRY 1The fight continues between the Garou Knights and the Fairy gang…squad…team. It also finally comes to an end and so the plot can move on from here. Panther Lily had a bit of a struggle with the Acid guy, who amazed me with his diction even though the mouth of his bottle was between his teeth. Mirajane was overpowered by the cards girl, who talks way too much about her colored cards – and talks too much overall for my liking.

Fairy 3Seeing a different side to Aquarius was a bit of a shock; and this is the side of her she only shows to Scorpio. Instead of fighting, most of Lucy’s battle scene with the Tai-guy was taken up with Aquarius telling Lucy about Scorpio and the possibility that he’s cheating on her with someone else and the drama involved. They should give just one filler episode to the lives of the spirits; just to see the shenanigans they’re usually up to.

Fairy 4The timer for Fairy Tail to be done with the bullshit came shortly after the brief intermission with Elfman wanting to go after his sister to save her because everyone’s now speculating that something has probably gone wrong. Mirajane did her Satan Soul takeover and basically wiped the floor with Kamika.

Panther Lily had a flashback to a time when he and Gajeel trained, and Gajeel’s tip that his strength comes from his iron but also his willpower (I really liked that scene); so that helped him to tap into his inner strength and beat Neppa.

Using mostly his strength, Natsu defeated Kama since his sickle could negate his magic. And Wendy, finding her inner Natsu, fought and defeated Cosmos by using her strength.

Fairy 5Against Fairy Tail, the Garou Knights -like most other challengers – didn’t stand a chance as Natsu reminded Kama just before punching him into oblivion, that Fairy Tail would find the strength and do anything to protect its family.

The label “executioners“doesn’t fit this batch of characters at all; especially Kama who could do nothing when Natsu just used his bare fists to fight him. There was nothing threatening about this set of dyscfunctional mages. It was actually disappointing because there seemed to be some more substance to his character, because he’s the leader and faced Natsu. Usually Natsu faces the toughest opponent. In spite of that, the fight scenes were okay and I’m glad this part of story is over.