Fairy S6In the beginning of this episode, Rufus finally recovers and gives us the reminder that this is the last day of the Daimatou Enbu.

The princess is still worrying about Arcadios’ safety but is relieved when the guards rush in to tell the other guards that the Garou Knights were wiped out. Dartan came in and made it known that he knows she is the person behind the Eclipse Project. Why is he the only one thinking about all the ramifications that this will have if the door is opened? I get that Zeref caused a lot of destruction in the past but is destroying him, really worth going back and rewriting history? And who’s to say something even worse than Zeref wouldn’t come about if he were destroyed?

But anyway.

Fairy S4Meanwhile, back at the games, the three strongest females are about to go head to head. Mavis’ calaculations were off in this round. Juvia faced Cheria, as Mavis had calculated. However for Erza, instead of facing Minerva, she faced Kagura instead. The batte between them was intense for a moment then Minerva came to join the battle.

Mavis is such a pudding cup
Mavis is such a pudding cup

This battle is probably the best – I won’t say so for certain since Laxus and Gajeel haven’t fought yet. I can say though that it’s a pretty intense fight, I bet the crowd can’t even keep up with their attacks and movements – even if they were up close and center (actually, they’d probably die so nevermind about that). I don’t think Minerva is strong enough to make Kagura draw her sword…but she might, now that Minerva – like the cunt she is – brought Milliana into the fight; but as a prisoner in a sense. Her power is being drained in the forcefield. I’m sure Minerva is doing this to taunt them.

Fairy S2Erza and Kagura, instead of fighting against each other, might team up against Minerva to save Milliana because she’s a mutual friend. Kagura’s main question throughout this fight is actually aimed at Erza, and why she helped Jellal. He might be changed but he still caused a lot of sufferin; kind of like Zeref but maybe she’d be able to forgive him if she heard his sincere apology for herself. The same goes for Milliana. Erza vs. Kagura vs. Minerva will pick up in the next episode.

Fairy S1The mysterious person wearing the cloak and hoodie who’s always crying; is actually Lucy. Lucy from the future. How she came back? The first Eclipse door is the answer. She’s crying a lot so her news is very far from good news. This Eclipse project is going to cause a lot of mayhem if it’s opened. That much is certain.

Oh and sidenote:

Fairy S3This was the most priceless moment of the episode.