No Game No Life Episode 11: Love Or Loved 2


NGNL 11 Img005Wow, what an intense episode! Of all the possible virtual reality games the Eastern Federation could have come up with, an FPS featuring lovestruck kemonomimi girls was most definitely not on my list. It’s actually sort of hilarious that the Eastern Federation uses this as a method to conquer other territories – it’s an amazing contrast to the sombre mood brought about by the whole idea that Imanity are basically doomed if Sora and Shiro lose. And it seems like tech advancements directly correlate with a rise in otaku culture, even across dimensions! “Love Or Loved 2” has players run around while being tempted by lots of different kemonomimi girls, who they have to shoot with their… love-love guns in order to fill up love power. And the ultimate goal is to shoot Izuna-tan, who is the only girl spurning their advances. Oddly enough, one can easily turn this into a zombie FPS by replacing the girls with zombies… but that’d be far too grim, right? Sora mentioned Gal*Gun, which is a more likely inspiration for this – a quick Google search revealed some surprising similarities!

NGNL 11 Img035The game is, of course, heavily weighted in favour of the Warbeasts, even before the cheating is factored in. It’s not surprising that magic cannot be used, given that the Warbeasts aren’t too great at all that – and conversely, they gain a striking advantage from the fact that physical abilities stay the same in that virtual world. And according to Kurami, the Warbeasts approach the limits of physics in that department. Then there’s the cheating – Izuna-tan is acting in accord with the telepathic warnings Ino is somehow sending her, and no-one in the arena can prove it, let alone detect that any magic is being used at all. No wonder only Imanity were allowed in to watch! On the other hand, Kuuhaku’s main benefit lies in numbers – the fact that there’s three of them (plus one Steph, who was woefully discarded after being used to figure out the rules) means that Izuna-tan has to successfully pull off multiple hits to win, while Kuuhaku can gang up on a single target.

NGNL 11 Img048Things started to get really fun after Izuna-tan came into contact with Kuuhaku – Jibril in particular had some wonderful moments this episode, which were sadly not expanded upon as much as I’d have liked. And even though Sora and Shiro are lacking physically, they can hold their own too. Shiro’s FPS skills extend even beyond the game screen – ricocheting bullets off surfaces and calculating trajectories are nothing to her! Surprisingly, Sora’s efforts to evaporate an NPC’s panties did turn out to be a valid tactic later on for Shiro – although Izuna-tan had no qualms over using her clothes to shield herself as well, when push came to shove. They would have gotten her in mid-air at the end there, had she not decided to activate Blood Destruction – which looks pretty incredible yet scary at the same time. Sure that’s not some sort of magic?

We’re quickly approaching the end of No Game No Life – it’s been creeping up on us for a while now, and I’ve completely failed to notice! The game hasn’t quite ended yet, although if they’re going to conduct a bit of closure (and hint at a new season) it shouldn’t take too much longer. There’s also that onee-san from the Eastern Federation that they have yet to introduce, so there’s lots to look forward to!

0 thoughts on “No Game No Life Episode 11: Love Or Loved 2

  1. HA! Looks like Shiro is best COD player.

    If mod for this doesn’t exist for at least 1 FPS I am disappoint internet.

      1. Aside from the multiplayer, this is already a game: a railshooter called Gal*Gun.

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