Captain Earth Episode 14

I think we can all agree that Captain Earth has been a bit draggy as of the late, and only the last two episodes spiced it up a bit because of tragic romance between Kumiko and Bugbear. But finally, something new happens and it’s about bloody time because while I haven’t complained about it, I have quickly became tired of Akari’s constant distractions of doing other-things during their designated missions, so I sincerely hope this will be the last for once and for all since we are almost half way through the series now, lets move onto Part B now that 98% of the designer children have awakened and are ready to consume the entire human race.
Captain Earth Ep 14 Img 0026We did finally move on a tad with Hana’s revelation of suddenly coming to a realization that she should/supposed to kill Daichi, but she loves him, so she can’t. She also reveals that she fears that he would hate her if she were to reveal her true self. And so folks- after fourteen episodes, Hana finally gained a personality other than the happy-go-lucky, blissfully ignorance girl who have unfortunately been serving as eye-candy for the first entire half of the series.
I am looking forward to Hana’s big reveal of who she truly is. Up till now she had described herself as a tool created by the Kiltgangs to be used. Today she revealed that when she puts her mind to it, she can blow shit up whenever she wants.Amarok and Malkin had came up with a plan to try and destroy Globe and Tangashima while they are at it with the Macbeth Enterprise’s Legacy Satatlite. When all hope seemed to have been lost, Hana steps up and blows that shit right out of the atmosphere to prevent it from making impact and wiping out Tangashima in the process. I won’t lie though, while I was going, “OH SNAP!!!” the blume energy beam slightly threw me off since I don’t recall it being mentioned at all in the past of it being in the sea, nor have we ever been told much about it, so I hear I am hoping for some more details and explanations because earlier on Captain Earth had been doing a pretty good job explaining things. What a travesty it would be if they decided to be lazy at this stage!
Apparently what has triggered some memories of Hana’s was by kissing Daichi every night. It has become a routine ever since Akari had joked that she should give him a kiss good night a few episodes back. This would more or less explain why Hana is suddenly acting differently.
Captain Earth Ep 14 Img 0001It was good to see Kube really questioning Puck’s loyalty, even threatening him that he has the emergency switch that will shut him down (I doubt he can even be shut down, surely Malkin tampered with the system to prevent that from happening) and being suspicious of Amarok’s and Malkin’s activities, knowing they have messing around with the Machine Goodfellows (getting them destroyed/damaged in the process) and using the Orgone Energy Capsule. He ain’t buying Malkin’s and Amarok’s innocent act, but he still has no idea who he is dealing with0 though perhaps, after what had happened with the Legacy Satellite, he will finally connect the dots and try to beat Puck and the Designer Children at their own game.
There was a new OP and ED this week, but it is unfortunate to say that I am not a fan of either of their songs. However it was quite a surprise to see Setsuna in the top-hat with this scary looking beast behind her. The OP also indicated a third engine will be joining the team, so I wonder who will be the pilot in that one.
Next week the Midsummer Knights will bump into Setsuna again, and Amarok this time round targets Hana (I beg to differ of why the hell they hadn’t gone after her earlier…Well whatever, Amarok and Malkin have proven to be procrastinators), but it looks like it’s going to be Setsuna who will be awakened this time.
NOTICE: Starting next week: Episode 15 – 17 will be delayed since I will have no internet access for the next two and half weeks. Unfortunately there is nobody on the team who is watching Captain Earth so there won’t be anyone to fill me in. This also applies to YGO Arc-V and Happiness Charge Precure!. All I can say is, since I will be away for three episodes, Captain Earth better be very strong from this point forward, otherwise I might just drop it because of the amount of entries I will have to catch up to, and my wrists haven’t been in the great shape for the past two weeks so I won’t be pushing it if I deem it unworthy of my time.


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    I kind had the feeling that Hana was a kiltgang (or something similar) guessing the thing we see in space going to light speed is her alternate form. meaning the pilot of the red engine is probably akari (even though she is of more use at a computer… )
    Also at the end of the opening when the earth engine was flying toward the viewer punching anyone else see that it had teeth? (I paused to get a screen cap for wallpaper so thats how I noticed ^_^; )

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