We return for coverage of Cardfight!! Vanguard Legion Mate – the gayest arc of them all. I mean that with the most possible love and affection guys. Episode 7 begins with Naoki and Misaki walking in the rain [As described by Kirtro: We have to go save the person trapped in the TV today!] until they run across a man hanging out with cats. The man reveals himself to be Phillip Neve – another of the men sent to force all of the friends to forget about Aichi. Forgetting that memory isn’t that selective but whatever. He summons his cage of punishment only for it to be a. . . .world of. . .. large…steel…rods..YOU KNOW SHOW YOU’RE NOT HELPING WITH THE GAY JOKES.

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I hate this guys fucking draws, he gets Metal Borg Express his first frackin’ turn and beats down Naoki, whose damage is at 2 and seems to be legion cards. Oh mai. The guy sits there ragging on Naoki and like. . . .I want to punch him YOU ARE ONLY WINNING BECAUSE YOU GOT A GREAT HAND AND NAOKI HAS FORGET HOW TO PLAY TO MAKE A MORE INTERESTING BATTLE SYNDROME!

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Metal Borg is a fucking beast in this battle. These fucking knight guys, I swear. If one of them wasn’t a rejected black butler character I’d swear..no you know I do swear, these are all badass rejects from the pile of other anime tropes. Hell, Olivier is a reject as a main character of this show. THIS IS HIS REVENGE. We jump to Kai who is beat up and realizing the other Knights might target his friends next. Thanks to Naoki’s heal he recovers his legion and manages to deal 25k to his whole front row, and deal 2 damage. Of course Philip looks cocky the whole time so we know the damage was somehow his plan OF COURSE.

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Ah fuck Philip gets legion then and gets FREAKIN 28K DAMAGE FOR HIS. and then……combos again FOR FUCKING 33K I HATE THE FUCKING QUATRE KNIGHTS. And Naoki can’t guard with level ones because it met 30k or greater, fuck this guy. I JUST. THE BROKEN OF THIS LEGION MATE! Naoki obviously loses and then gets ELECTROCUTED BY THE STEEL RODS. These guys are freaking deadly villains for a card game anime o_o they come back to reality…BUT THEIR UMBRELLAS ARE MISSSING!!!11!1 no but Philip gives the same crap as always as ‘foooorgeeeet aichiiiiiii’ guys get some fucking memory erasers or shut the hell up.

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It seems all of the group (sans Misaki who is too pretty for cat guy to beat up) all got beaten up. Except for Kamui because no one cares about Kamui. Miwa looks so sad and the next episode begins with Kai’s anguish over the pain this has all caused. Also he looks sexy. He looks REALLY sexy.


They find out Philip Neve and Olivier are top class players. Kai feels anguish and says they’re more powerful. . .uhm okay they’re not they just LITERALLY USE TORTURE ON THEIR VICTIMS OKAY? Not more powerful at cards, they’re just crazy psychopaths. Kai does the obvious thing and decides to leave the group because we can’t go 3 vanguard episodes without Kai trying to walk off mysteriously. Instead they decide to settle it with card games. WHY IS THE ONLY MEANS OF COMMUNICATION KAI CAN UNDERSTAND, CARD GAMES?!

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The episodes like this that focus on friends dueling friends lose a little something, if only because the entire point is ‘we dont say how we feel lets use cards’ so obviously either Kamui will win and convince him or Kai will be losing but win because he finds the truth in himself as well as his cards.

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As Kai declares this is his atonement and he can’t stand them being hurt, they all declare they want badly to meet Aichi again. Kamui makes a comeback and reveals his legion, Mega Flare, that can get an extra critical. With the power of his friends and his legion, to make a final blow. It seems Kai will counter with a perfect guard…but Kamui can make one last stand up! Kamui wins just as I said he would and they all decide to stick it out to find Aichi. Kai even asks for their help as it looks like he’ll turn away and they leave to begin their search.

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The final scene is of the Quatre Knights converging and reaching the conclusion another move must be made, knowing full well Aichi’s friends won’t be giving up.

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