Michio VS Yuuya
Well that was insane. Michio is quite an intimidating opponent and in some ways… a messed up chef. I mean seriously- having his monsters shove food down Yuuya’s monsters throats to destroy them, translate that into cooking for people and he makes it look like he is trying to kill them with his recipes besides the fact that he certainly looks like psycho as he does so.
Yuuya has his work cut out for him and he is increasingly growing more and more frustrated with being unable to go to the offensive and had just lost all three of his Pendulum Summoned monster the second after he had just summoned them. I am starting to think that Yuuya needs to change up his patterns a bit because he is becoming a predictable opponent. Sure Pendulum Summon is his thing, and it’s something he wants to master- but right now he has two choices: try something else in between such as Special Summon (much like his opponent has been doing), or figure out how he can take his Pendulum Summoning to the next level ASAP. Yuuya said so himself that he can’t see the evolution of Pendulum Summoning like Reiji had, but honestly- I don’t think he actually needs to, it will most likely just come around, but only taking one step at a time as oppose to seeing the whole picture of the future possibilities.
Right now, Yuuya is dancing in the palm of Michio’s hand as he had done everything Michio had wanted him to do (such as having Yuuya use that Burning Burner Action Card to cook his meal so that he can take his cards out of the oven (Food Cemetery). He needs to get the hell out of that lane and find a way he can destroy the opposing monsters without making them stronger in the progress.
Another thing I have come to realize is that Yuuya needs to learn his way around the stages, or at least his favorite. As we have been shown several of times, there is a huge home advantage when the player knows the stage they are playing on like the back of their hand- especially when they actively rely and or use Action Cards as part of their style.


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  1. Elaine

    This Episode is Good and Gross. I felt bad for Yuya in this Duel thinking he had the upper hand and he didn’t, he just did what Michio wanted him to do. Now to the gross part of the Duel was when Michio’s Monsters stuffed Yuya’s Monsters with Food it look like they were being kill by the food. Gross! So Good Luck Yuya in this Duel you are going to need it. Looks like Sora making progress on his Duels. He just won one so one down and five to go. Yuzu is distracted again by the Knight and trying to figure out who he is and etc.

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