Fairy coverHisui’s future advisor actually turns out to be Rogue…and a more shady looking version of Rogue. He appeared to Natsu and the others while their struggle continued with the Garou Knights. I’m actually glad he decided to show himself in this episode, because he got rid of the Garou Knights – who are actually some of the most annoying characters I’ve seen in Fairy Tail (especially Uosuke). He absorbed them in his shadows, hopefully that got rid of them. Permanently.

Fairy 2 Meanwhile Arcadios, unsure of whether or not he could trust the words of the Princess, unsheathed his sword and ready to die a noble death at the hands of Hisui. She still plans to use the portal for the original plan of eliminating Zeref, but she’s also using the magic cannon power against the dragons. I honestly don’t believe the Eclipse is strong enough to be used twice but probably she’ll use it…twice? But she tells Arcadios that the one who advised her was not future Lucy but a man (who is revealed to be future Rogue). So in actuality, Hisui has been telling the truth all this time, just not a truth Arcadios knew of at the time.

Fairy 1There was one huge tragedy this episode. Probably I’m the only person who was unaffected by the bumpy ride of the feels train. Rogue killed Lucy and came from the future to ensure that she didn’t close the Eclipse gate in the past – which would affect the future if she did. He didn’t realize there were two Lucy’s and is after the past Lucy too. But Natsu will not have that. He went into complete Beast mode in this episode.

Fairy deathFor me, I just wanted this scene to end. It felt a bit forced and melodramatic. It’s probably depressing to see your future self die…because then it doesn’t leave you with too much hope for the future. But then, two Lucy’s can’t exist in the past so it was probably just her time. In reality though, Lucy isn’t dead…she still had her future self to look forward to…

…alright, that’s it for me and this episode.