Fairy s2It’s now July 7th. The Daimatou Enbu is over but no one is getting the chance to really celebrate its end and Fairy Tail’s victory and the guild participants won’t be getting any rest. Instead everybody’s waiting, all eager with anticipation (probably in fear of impending death and doom too) for the prophesied return of the dragons. Hisui finally gave the command and it takes the entire episode for the Eclipse portal to finally open. The citizens have been evacuated from the region, to safer ground – though I really doubt they’ll be safe from the mass destruction that the dragons will most likely cause. Because revenge. Also, it hardly makes sense to move the night of the opening of the Eclipse, leading up to the day when the dragons should return; because apparently most of the citizens are evacuating by foot. Not very fast. Considering though, that the Games ended the day before the 7th, I guess that couldn’t be helped.

Fairy S3Portions of this episode was taken with Natsu vs. Rogue; who’s actually a lot more evil than I presumed (or remebered). He killed Sting and absorbed his powers. I’m guessing this ruthless sociopath is a product of losing Frosche, the only real comrade he ever had. And like Natsu, I hardly believe his objective is to save the future but to make it worse. While he may not have lied about Lucy closing the portal, he doesn’t explain why she would; and he knows why. So something’s definitely right with his motive.

Fairy S4The King is asking all the members from each guild to help with facing the dragons. I guessed it softened everyone’s hearts to see this vulnerable side of the King. Plus, he also revealed that he was Mr. Pumpkin Head during the Games. It figures, since he’s so short and that pumpkin head was the perfect disguise. Jellal also appeared to Lahar and Daranbolt to ask them a favor; probably it has something to do with future Rogue. fAIRY s6Natsu could have died but Ultear saved him just before future Rogue could give that finishing blow. But it seems, she won’t be able to help him after all since Rogue’s swallowing him into his shadows. I guess he’s going to absorb Natsu after this? Or just put him into an abyss, something like what Zero did back in the days of the old seasons.

Fairy S1
Reactions to Lucy murmuring that she has to close the portal

History is also about to repeat itself. Lucy seemed to be okay during the snail’s pace opening of the Eclipse portal but an epiphany must have hit her. With eyes all glazed over, she’s moving towards the portal and mumbling that she has to close it. I don’t know why everyone’s so surprised; it happened in the future and it’s almost impossible to rewrite the events of the future. Sadly, it just doesn’t work that way. But hopefully, things don’t end as badly as future Lucy had experienced it because all her efforts would be for absolute naught.

She would have come from the future, only to get killed in the past – for nothing. It’s kinda funny (in the tragic sense) when you think about it.