We begin with the groups fond memories of Aichi, and the reinstatement of the Card Fight club. They are headed towards the location Ren pointed them towards, but what will they find? None of them are sure. Miwa bitches the whole time about the walk (he has surely never been to a con before, but it’s convenient Stonehenge is in Japan – Kirtro)

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The knights know the rest are on to them, but they’re excited for the chance to fight. Gaillard meets them. Naoki is determined to beat him but all the friends are surprised to see the blue flame prison. Gaillard then makes a stupid comment about flames feeding on flames, but did you know that fire fighters fight wild fires with smaller fires to deprive them of oxygen? LEARN SCHOOL GAILLARD! Maybe if you didn’t spend all your time fucking off at stonehenge with a card game??


in this corner highly illiterate people able to control the universe through cardgames
in this corner highly illiterate people able to control the universe through cardgames

Miwa says it pretty much- “suddenly four damage!” suddenly four damage indeed. SUDDENLY ALL THE DAMAGE. It’s not even fun watching Naoki and Gaillard fight because it’s just sad. Did you only get grade 2’s in your hand, Naoki?? It’s boring until he summons Big Bang Knuckle Dragon. He gets all pumped up but he is so pitiful even Gaillard doesn’t seem impressed. Sorry your butt feelings can’t reach Aichi, Naoki. Everyone reminisces on the club as the ones who tried to prevent the club from forming are talked to by Shingo, but Naoki also declares he remembers how hard Aichi fought for it and that this is why he needs to return to them as friends.

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Naoki uses Legion in his declaration, but I don’t have high hopes for him. >_> Legion Mach Attack gets a critical and for once Gaillard seems on edge, but he declares his resolve just as strongly and turns it around in his favor, crushing Naoki but not his resolve. Of course Naoki’s like “NAW NAW MAN IM GOOD”  Guillard implies there is something much larger for Aichi and that it is his destiny to surpass the friendship they are attempting to force on him. Then out of nowhere KOURIN FUCKING APPEARS IN A GAY ASS QUATRE KNIG- waait a fucking second show, THAT’S MORE THAN FOUR!

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Seriously I hate it when they use a number to describe something then go OVER the number to keep mystery or some shit I can’t. Kirtro put it best, Guillard, if this is so fucking important just tell them. Obviously you need to because BURNING THEM ALIVE IS NOT WORKING! Kourin appears to take on Kai. No one finds this to be obvious, which is super dumb. Kourin almost never wins but of course she probably will now out of some butt love for Aichi or some shit. Kourin uses the LINK JOKER DECK o_OoOOOO___O okay Kai’s gonna lose LET’S JUST NOT EVEN PRETEND HE FUCKED HE GONE WE DONE!

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Everyone’s all WHY IT WAS DESTROYED and I’m all nope lol never. KAI IS SO FUCKED ROYAL PALADIN IS BEATEN UP LIKE A 5 YEAR OLD AGAINST MOHAMMED ALI BY LINK JOKER OKAY? I don’t even want to watch this, my ass hurts FOR Kai okay???? Kai is uhm…obviously worried for Kourin because she is using LINK JOKER but she doesn’t care. Jesus guys if Aichi is in some deep shit that makes you act this way maybe you should just say it??? uhm why not?? They’re all confused and think you’re being mean you could pass on a note from Aichi all

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“hey bitches gotta do important shit if you follow me ill hate you xoxo aichi”


I mean these bitches talk more about friendship than TEA FROM YUGIOH! And I mean, to be fair, their friend disappeared from their MINDS you know you’re burning them alive and it’s not enough you might be like. . .in need of another answer? In any case, I’ve become dis interested in seeing them all lose! But Kourin says Aichi wanted everything to be this way, and then says she’ll show them. We see a vision of Aichi who admits to them he doesn’t want to see them. None of them can believe it, except for Kai, but Aichi won’t tell them why. Kourin tells them they must accept these feelings and summons her Legion to drive the point home. She swears she’ll cause them enough pain they’ll never recover, .  .. . but if they never recover wouldn’t it be hard to forget? GO BACK TO EDUCATION KOURIN.

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Kai loses and is given Guillard’s punishment. Kourin tells them she is not lying and to leave Aichi be. Everyone is confused and given no reason as to why this is so. To hit the point home, Kourin takes the Blaster Blade Kai clung to in order to find Aichi and tells him to stop his search.

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Well, holy shit, let’s hope we learn why this reason is because it really hurts to see all of these characters I LIKE become so broken and saddened over a loss. I want to see them overcome it and win. This just. .. hurts!

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