Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus ~ Eps: 3-5 [His Butler,Late Post]

It’s time to get Ciel into the circus, Sebastian got an invite and it’s time to bring Ciel in. Of course, he needs to perform a entrance exam of sorts. This happens after the anime is nice enough to us to tell us where it in the original anime this stems off from.
By introducing us with brief flashbacks to Agni and Soma, it sets it after the curry arc of the first anime. Which was the second and last canon arc to be animated in the original Kuroshitsuji anime.

With some comedic help from Sebastian, Ciel manages to get brought onto the circus team. They are promptly given their nicknames.
Black for Sebastian
and for Ciel


Ciel Smiles

As you can imagine he is not fond of this nickname at all but it takes it and bares it. They are brought to where the other new comers train. Dagger mentions another up and coming star next to Sebastian.
We can’t help but wonder who that might be? We find out that it’s a Shinigami. One that we’ve seen before, his name? William.


This anime making no assumptions that you’ve seen the first one does us the honor of giving a flashback of the Jack the Ripper arc from the last anime. The first and second to last canon arc they animated!

Episode three was pretty straight forward, nothing compared to the following episode. Episode four was both one of the funniest and most disturbing things I’ve ever seen in an anime.

Word do not describe how excited I am about the next part of this episode, as Joker goes to announce the room assignments I can feel my excitement building. We are coming to the moment in the manga that cemented Will as my favorite shinigami.

Ciel will be in tent Eight and Sebastian in Tent Nine, with his room mate. William the Shinigami.
vlcsnap-12778062 vlcsnap-12776812 vlcsnap-12778133

Ciel’s room mate is a sweet little guy, and i’d love to dedicate more time and love to this right now. However, I’ve been waiting for this scene with Will and Sebastian since the moment I read it. I prayed and prayed through the entire first anime and the second one and all the OVA’s i’d be able to see this one moment. It’s seriously like a dream come true for me.


The part of the episode though that is the most striking is the part where the circus members go to kidnap a kid. Of course, we already knew that this was a thing but the way it happens is just…a beautiful kind of disturbing. We see the child first out selling flowers at night, a kind police officer buys the last of her flowers and she smiles and runs home happy that she’ll be able to buy her brothers medicine.

It’s on her way home she encounters the circus crew, they seem to perform some kind of magic on her that makes her see things rather differently. Showing her something they call dreamland. This in and of itself is sort of disturbing, however, when the police catch onto them and run to see what’s going on. That’s where this takes a turn to the oddly disturbing.
vlcsnap-12814258 vlcsnap-12815145

The girl sees bears in police outfits and the circus crew comically beating them up and them sprouting confetti. What’s really going on is blatant murder, the nice cop that bought her flowers was killed right in front of her and she was none the wiser. Not just that cop but a bunch of cops, there is blood everywhere and the girl doesn’t know a thing about it.
We briefly see the shinigami Ronald, he’s in the manga and made a small appearance due to popular demand in season 2 of the first anime. On to another scene, Ciel’s room mate takes him to take a bath. It’s a public outdoor bathing area, he gets covered in water and while trying to fight getting stripped his room mate briefly sees a mark on his back. The mark is from when he was caged up after his family manor burned down. Sebastian takes him away from there and convinces him not to give up so soon on being a part of the circus.

Let’s move on to episode five now.

It’s time to do some investigating so while the show is going on, Ciel is going to sneak into the tents of the First-String circus workers. Sebastian ties up all of Snake’s, snakes and cages them. Then, due to an accident with one of the trapeze workers he’s asked to fill in for the show.
With William. Yeah, that’s going to end well. So while they attempt to pull an act together despite not wanting anything to do with each other. Ciel sneaks around the tents.


He finds no sign of the missing children but pictures of all the first stringers and a strange man that he isn’t familiar with. He notices that they all probably come from the same workhouse and figure it’s worth investigating. By now though the show is over and it’s time to sneak out, however, he’s not exactly on time and almost gets caught. When doll swoops in and saves him.

We find out that Doll is really Ciel’s room mate, making Ciel’s room mate actually a girl instead of a cute boy! I actually forgot this part, good thing it’s been so long since I read the manga or this wouldn’t of struck me quiet as much. I’ve gotta say though the anime does a wonderful job of presenting it. She asks him if he’ll still be her room mate now that he knows that she’s a first stringer.
He says sure and smiles and they shake and agree to keep each others secrets. However, Ciel has no trust for others.


At last the anime covers another thing i’ve desperately wanted them to cover for a long time. Ciel’s asthma. Once again, beautifully handled. He begins by just coughing a small bit, then getting violently sick and collapsing.
As the doctor is taking care of him Ciel remembers his aunt, or as we knew her Madam Red/Jack the Ripper from when he was younger.

vlcsnap-946432 vlcsnap-946078

Snake reports that Ciel and Sebastian were sneaking around to Joker and the others. Joker says he’ll go talk to Father, meanwhile back in the infirmary Ciel orders Sebastian to go find out about the insignia that signed the letter he found in Joker’s room and was in the picture with the first stringers.
William however, doesn’t seem to want Sebastian wandering around without Ciel. This is going to lead into an interesting episode six.


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