Fairy 1Eggs fell everywhere in this episode. It gave me an odd craving for hard-boiled eggs. Yes, Motherglare (Rogue’s main dragon partner in crime) laid eggs and little metal-looking baby dragons hatched from them and further terrorized the town. So there was more fighting in this episode  and the baby dragons were more of the issue than the bigger dragons.

Pfft. Nothing I haven't seen before. 4 out of 10 sexual charm stars
Pfft. Nothing I haven’t seen before. 4 out of 10 sexual charm stars

Ahhh. Some good fanservice was in this episode too and I had OTP feels in the later bits of the episode. Elf-man was looking out for Evergreen; tsundere style. Gajeel told Levy not to worry about him and take care of the villagers (this would ensure some safety since she’d be far from the battlefield. I SEE YOU GAJEEL). There was no Gruvia stuff, but we get that in every other episode so no complaints. Freid is all over Laxus – but so is the rest of the Raijinshu – but we know Fried’s feelings for Laxus. Or is that just my fujoshi feels?

This guy
This guy

Ichiya never fails to make me giggle and he tried to use the fatally-intoxicating “parfum” of his armpits to daze the dragon, but instead almost killed his guild mates in the process. So stone dragon was not turned on by the fanservice chick and Ichiya’s armpit parfum failed since Stone dragon can’t smell. Blue Pegasus fails so terribly but they get points for making me laugh.

Fairy 5I’m not sure if Zirconis is a pervert or a sadist…or a bit of both. His magic power is all about human debasement – by letting their clothes disappear. Because one’s nakedness is the most mortifying yet. All the guards had to retreat and Dragan was not a feast for the eyes. But at least he has some sense of control because he left Wendy’s clothes on. I guess I can give him snaps for that. But Lucy…

Fairy 6Yes, Lucy always gets caught up in the mess of it all and her nice body (10/10 stars) was all exposed. I love how her breasts are top priority to hide rather than her hoo-ha. I’m a bit perplexed on how a dragon would really enjoy human flesh, because mortals are so tiny compared to their giant mouths. Would the flavor of us be oozing from our pores so that the taste could register on the dragon’s tongue? During Zirconis’ short fight with Wendy, Lucy got thrown away and coincidentally (COINCIDENTALLY) bumped right into Natsu, and they rolled away from his fight with Rogue.

I just love how unaffected Natsu looks
I just love how unaffected Natsu looks

I guess exposed breasts is more sexual and scandalous than an exposed vagina but I appreciate Natsu for trying to do Lucy a favor by giving her a “hand-made bra” (get it? No. Yeah, I’m terrible.). But amidst the humor, he still gets serious enough to admit that Rogue is really strong and it’s challenging to gain some ground against the guy but he comes up with a plan and leaves Lucy after Virgo comes by to give Lucy clothes, as usual.

Fairy 4Cobra’s actual name is Eric and probably my memory is mixed up where these two are concerned but I know they’re connected. I think she was probably the snake who had always been with Cobra. I’m not sure, my memory is a bit messed up regarding these two. I think they were – maybe still are – friends.

Fairy 8 I screamed when Jellal came to Erza’s rescuse. These two are my number one OTP of the series and third on my overall list. I have waited so long for another moment between them. Which was cut short by Milliana, who no doubt is about to try and give Jellal a hard time, cause Erza to feel conflicted which may lead to her feeling betrayed by Erza for trying to defend Jellal.

Fairy 10The episode ended with Lucy finding the journal of her deceased-future self. Probably everything that takes place in the future is written there and future Lucy’s wish to return to the past to change the awful fate waiting for her past self and friends.

Overall, this episode was okay with the humor, fanservice and pairings pandering.

On a sidenote, I love all the outfits that Virgo gives Lucy to wear, they’re like vanity costumes you’d get in any mmorpg. Also, I didn’t realize until now that Lucy’s hairstyle changes with each costume.

Fairy 9