Glasslip 6 Img034It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Yukinari isn’t very fond of Kakeru -he even admitted it rather frankly to his face- but Yuki-kun is finally taking a stand with an attempt to stop David intruding into their friendship circle any longer. This tension is slightly forced perhaps, but it’s better than having a stagnant episode. It’s been a long time coming too, so it was just unfortunate to have all this coincide with Yana-chan’s confession to him last week. Both Yukinari and David are very straightforward people, especially David – I was actually more unnerved than touched by his single tear at the end of the episode, as it’s the first sort of emotion he’s shown throughout the entire show thus far. While violence is never the answer if Yuki wants to end up impressing Touko, Kakeru did deserve that punch (and slap from poor Yanagi, who must have felt very shafted at watching two guys go after Touko). Although it’s not like he can reveal the secret he shares with Touko to the rest of the group.

Glasslip 6 Img037As I mentioned last week, the fantasy element of Glasslip is pretty much what floats the Touko x Kakeru ship – certainly, that’s what it’s sounding like from what Kakeru’s said to her. He thinks that the future fragments are fragments of his very self, which he needs to collect in order to make himself whole – and romantically enough, all he can hear is Touko. I’m getting the feeling that his catalyst is his mother’s piano pieces, by the way. Much like Touko and her glassblowing, it’s something that David’s got a strong bond towards. These future fragments continue to be sporadic, seemingly random phrases that pop up every once in a while – there’s nothing overly significant to be honest, and as a result we can’t really make much sense of it. The only thing that seemed interesting was Touko’s vision of her first kiss with Kakeru, which made her very jumpy for the first few minutes of the episode. This pairing really does seem more likely with each passing episode, and Kakeru knows it – Touko doesn’t act like that around Yukinari at all. Although I didn’t really like how he said Touko would “become his” if he won his proposed race, even if he had no intention of running seriously – he just paired off Touko and Yanagi without any input from either of them.

Glasslip 6 Img022I love how Hiro actually spent the entire episode just sailing along, not realizing the drama that was going on between his friends. It’s a bit of a shame that there’s not been much Sachi lately actually, although it’s true that she’d be out of place in a scene like the face-off between Yukinari and Kakeru. This ship is surprisingly detached from the rest of the fleet, but there’s no wind and they’re low on fuel. Time to get out those signal flares. Or fireworks.

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  1. Eva

    “Well that escalated quickly.” Was the only thing running through my head the entire episode! XDD

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