At the last part of the last episode Lisa passed out in front of Nine and Twelves apartment, in this one she wakes up and we cut to the boys talking about her. Nine insists that she’ll just get in their way but Twelve insists she has nowhere to go and that it’s better for them that they keep an eye on her.
“Nothing but misfortune awaits those who get close to us.”
Nine is seriously haunted by his past, I wonder if it is just the institution or there is something more to this story. They are alerted by a bunch of cell phones going off, they come back inside to see Lisa standing over their stuff.
They warn her to be careful what she touches, if one of those phones had been attached to the fire extinguisher the place would of blown up. Twelve goes boom in her ear and she passes out.


Lisa went to take a bath, Nine is still dead set on the idea that once her fever goes down she needs to leave the house. It seems like the target this time for their bombing is the subway trains.

The police are holding another meeting about the events of last episode when the chief is called away, he walks into a room covered in agents and one female that I believe we have seen before. I actually think she’s from the same institution as Nine and Twelve.

Nine and Twelve return from setting up the bombs and on the way up the stairs Nine seems to smell fire. Lisa was trying to cook, at least her heart is in the right place? They try to eat it and it’s just note edible at all.

Another flashback to the institution, Twelve comments that he can’t even remember how the food tasted. So even bad tasting food has his merit. That in that place, eating was just another task.

However! It’s time for Sphinx riddle time again! Alright, time to quote to you today’s riddle.

“Where did the punishment take place for FEZ 5889, the angel who planted a grapevine?” the time limit, until 8 p.m.

Shibazaki runs straight to the archives, linking the numbers and letters to a previous police investigation report. He figures they came across it while hacking for the information released in the last episode.

Tochigi Prefecture Public High School Corporal Punishment Case?

The angel who planted the grapevine was Sammaeal, an angel also known as the red serpent. A red serpent that runs, a train. Wow, Shibazaki solved this one fairly quickly. Twelve even asks if the riddle was a little too easy this time.
Nine comments that Shibazaki must of made the connection of all the locations of the bombings right now, since they haven’t made any demands he must of been looking for a connection of some sort.
Shibazaki in the previous scene commented that the placement isn’t just random acts of terror.

The people who own all the buildings and locations that have been bombed participate in a seminar run by an organization known as the Rising Peace Academy. He thinks that this is the linking string between all of the attacks.


They don’t want to kill anyone! They really don’t want to kill anyone. They’re so worried that they won’t solve it and deactivate it that Nine has a device to shut the bomb down. They don’t want to kill at all.
Oh god, why are all the cell phones in the area jammed?! That’s not good! If he can’t deactivate the bomb they’re going to become mass murderers against their will! Nine is thinking someone is jamming the cells on purpose.

Shibazaki is asking his superior why they won’t remove the bomb and he says that he got orders from the higher ups that a special team would take care of it.
It seems like whoever this higher up is, isn’t intending to dispose of the bomb but however let it blow up. Nine hacks in to find the location of the train while Nine goes to get it and deactivate it in little under 50 minutes.
As he said an impossible mission.

What the hell!? They trapped the back door he used to get into the system to feed him fake data. This is awful! Someone hacks into his computer and then he has severe flashbacks of the institution, a person with white hair. obviously the woman we saw earlier in the episode


“Are you ready?”

he throws out the other computer and starts on a new one. Shibazaki thinks this entire thing stinks and thinks he may have to start investigating the police again.
Twelve is waiting for the train. It’s close to the apartment and Nine goes running to stop it, if he rushes. he can stop it!
He runs in and throws down a smoke bomb and clears the train cars as much as he can but there is a sleeping girl on the train. As he runs to help her, the bomb explodes.
vlcsnap-15114008 vlcsnap-15114269 vlcsnap-15114193vlcsnap-15100158

Nine lives through the explosion and cell service is restored, a message goes out that says. “I’ve found you.”


Five is here. I don’t like her, I’ve seen about a total of five to six minutes of footage of her and she puts my hair and teeth on edge. Well, that was an interesting episode, if i can stop shaking now that would be rather nice.

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