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Kai, Gaillard, and Naoki are trapped in ice as Serra reveals to them that Aichi is going to be awakening. The point is moot for them as Aichi awakens. . .and even pushes away Kourin with his reversed powers. Serra reveals he wants the power to do whatever he likes. . . and Aichi awakens with a blank look of a reversed fighter. Serra and his butler depart rather than fight him, and the reversed Aichi looks onto the world. . .

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Gaillard punches Kai but can’t seem to explain things. Serra however plays dumb to Neve and tricks him into fighting Aichi…so his plan is to reverse him and probably Rati too? Aw fuck me. FUCK ME. THIS IS BAD. BAD THINGS. OCCURRING. THE BAD FEELINGS IN MY BODY ARE JUST JFKDLHLDSKJFH I’M NOT LIKING THIS OKAY?

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We learn that a seed was planted in Aichi that could resurrect Link Joker. . .and he was hiding it the whole time. He knew there was nothing he could do to be with everyone else. Furthermore, Link Joker survives by attaching itself to the strongest of fighters and being reborn until it is invincible…oh fuck. . oh FUCK. THAT MEANS…SHIT. SERRA WANTS TO BEAT WHOEVER HAS IT AND HAVE THE SEED FOR HIMSELF TO CONTROL LINK JOKER?!!?!!?! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

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Meanwhile Neve confronts Aichi who is..BACK TO HOT EVIL FORM. SHIT. THE HOT EVIL VOICE IS BACK. DAMMIT, MY FANGIRL TENDENCIES O_x I can’t explain how many fucking Frozen references this episode had me making. (Don’t worry Gaillard, the cold never bothered me anyway – Kirtro) the episode ends with the middle of the Neve battle with Aichi as well as the cliffhanger of them being trapped. . . shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

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Neve fights Aichi and pleads with him to remember who he is. The pleas fall deaf on Aichi’s ears, only for a moment does link joker lose it grasp, before he is thrust back under it’s control. Neve’s rear guards are sealed which is a near death sentence for dimension police, but he remembers a time when Aichi asked him to help him seal himself away. He remembers the man who wanted to save the world more than anything.

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Seeing Aichi’s feelings about sealing himself this episode really broke my heart. Aichi is such a sweet guy who loves his friends and seeing him have to do it and feel so much pain. . .dammit, I just want to give him a hug. AICHI Y_Y

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Aichi finally seems to remember who he is and how he feels…at the thought of his friends, and especially Kai. I’m only shipping them right now as a hold him and help him feel dammit. Still, Neve’s emotions don’t seem to be enough to reach Aichi. SORRY DUDE ONLY HIS BOYFRIEND CAN HELP WHY DO YOU THINK BLASTER BLADE WENT TO HIM

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Neve is defeated and receives his own judgement. The sight of this hurts Aichi immensely as he tries to break free from the Link Joker curse. His pain seems to temporarily revert Aichi back to himself and he slumps back into his seal chair. But Neve’s seal is broken. .. .and all that is left is Rati. Rati is then confronted by Serra. . . whose sinister plan seems to revolve around actually breaking all the seals.  He admits he wants to free Link Joker and possess it’s power.

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Serra explains his plan in detail and I want to punch his stupid smug face. But the best thing is. . . he admitted he lost on purpose. I KNEW YOUR GRANBLUE DECK WAS A LIE YOU SMARMY RIBBONS ALMARK RIP OFF!


as a side note i really hate this guy
as a side note i really hate this guy

Kai and the others are taunted by the butler until they’re saved BY REN AND LEON OH HAI REN HOW YOU DOIN BOY HNGNGGGHGHGGNGGNGHGHGHHGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH anyway with Leon and Ren there they move to try and stop Serra…but can Rati last against him or will the seal fall?


as a side note i am always happy to see ren.............HNGHGH
as a side note i am always happy to see ren………….HNGHGH