You know, I wish I could say this episode was fantastic and kept the momentum of the series. But (sigh) if I said that i’d be lying.

Yeah yeah, you want a synopsis. All righty fine.

And guess what? It’s Christmas! Yes that’s right. It’s the middle of October and they hit us up with the Christmas episode. Gah it’s too early for this shit! It’s not even Halloween yet! What the crap is this? A Treasure Island store? eh? ehh? haha…they’re out of business.

Anyway so we see Hiotan is outside being santa welcoming people into the store and it’s freezing. Cause….it’s Christmas.

Ho, ho... hoe. oh baby
Ho, ho… hoe. oh baby

Not seeing what the point is in staying outside, the director gives her a heartfelt speech about people who need these dating sims during this time of year.


Then it turns out that the director was just trolling her.

The next scene leads to Hiotan helping the director set up for his Christmas party. Some stuff happens like she cuts her finger (which of course is done over exaggeratedly)

Denki-Gai no Elfen Lied
Denki-Gai no Elfen Lied

Eventually the finish setting up and everyone comes over for the Christmas party. (By the way, if you’re noticing that i’m being less whimsical and the recap of the episode is dull, that’s only because the episode is.)

There’s some stuff like them having to dress up on cosplay and Sensei being embarrassed and then Umio talking about his video game girlfriend. And then they all fall asleep while he’s talking

Cut to next morning where everyone leaves, except for Hiotan who for some reason decides to crash on the Director’s couch all day.

geez. lot of Hiotan pictures this week...
geez. lot of Hiotan pictures this week…

In this little segment it is basically Hiotan just chilling out at the director’s house. Eventually we find out that she does this because she didn’t want to be alone on Christmas.

Yeah I know that segment was a short recap. It was boring.

The next segment was probably the most interesting. Dealing with the crazy crowds on New Years Day. They do some funny over exaggerated stuff here like Sensei’s arm freezing up from putting so many books in bags, and the camera girl coughing up blood from so much talking

Huh. lot of blood in the episode
Huh. lot of blood in the episode

Probably the funniest scene to me in this was sommelier sacrificing himself for Fuu. Because, as I explained to you all last episode…. he wants her dick.

Don't worry. he gets better
Don’t worry. he gets better…IN HIS PANTS!

And finally in the last little bit of the episode, Sensei and Umio go hang out at New Years and she shows him a great view of the city at her special place, ala Aladdin style.

I can show you Akihabaraaaaa
I can show you Akihabaraaaaa

It’s obvious they want to fuck, end of episode.

If it wasn’t entirely obvious from the recap and the first line of this review, I was extremely disappointed with this episode. It was very boring at times, and I..I just didn’t care a whole lot.

This show’s doing something annoying. They’re trying REALLY hard to pair up everyone in this show. While last episode focused on Sommelier and Fuu (and was done very well) this episode seems to want to pair up Hiotan and the director.


And honestly, I’m just not feeling it.

Here’s the thing. Sommelier and Fuu work. Very well in fact.

While it’s stereotypical and boring, Sensei and Umio DO work. It’s just boring as fuck.


So then, who do you have left? You have camera girl, director, and Hiotan. And since for some reason they don’t want to pair camera girl with director (which I actually think would be far more interesting) that only leaves Hiotan. And instead of focusing on what they should be focusing on, aka, the wacky comic hijinks, for some reason they feel it pertinent to get their romance all over my comedy show.

Hirector (Hiotan x director) doesn’t feel like it belongs. It feels like leftovers they have to cobble together to make a coherent romance as everyone else is paired off already.

One fell off and bumped her head
One fell off and bumped her head

This is by far the weakest episode. I actually can’t wait for the next episode as i’m hoping it will blow this one away.

It was slow, not very interesting, and they continued to shove their non-essential romances in my face. If I wanted to watch romance, I’d have watched a romance. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER DENKI!

Episode: 4/10