This weekend Midnight, Hideki, Savage and I are at Another Anime Convention 2014, in Manchester New Hampshire. This convention is very small but it’s worth reviewing after the day I’ve had, namely to prove that with proper Guests and a good roundup, any convention can be saved from dissaray and become interesting. For starters, why does such a little con have such nicely done cosplays and precision on the outfits???


I won’t have the normal high quality of photos, most of them will be up and down, but there will be much ART and personalized caricatures to come because much of it ended up summed up in art and other fun things. Not to mention, my best pictures were almost lost thanks to the severe stress and confusion of the day. For starters, something in management caused them to not print schedules. So half the stuff going on? Totally lost. Ended up dazed and confused for most of it. Yet the quality of cosplayers was . . .  way above what you’d expect.



The lines are…okay. But you know what made every moment of my feet hurting, my feelings hurting, and everything stop sucking? The first was when Midnight and I hosted a panel for Death Note at 5 pm. We did a deep analysis on the whole thing and gave away prizes. Secondly, at 11 o clock we went on to attend the greatest panel ever hosted by J Michael Tatum. Everyone, Tatum made us turn off our cameras but I got one shot before he demanded this of us. Nothing can describe how amazing it was to be eventually be put on stage and ask him a horrible question. It was amazing.


THIS IS ONLY A GLIMPSE OF THE BEST PART OF THE NIGHT. You know what? Despite all it’s flaws, Tatum and hosting a panel made this a very good con experience so far. But will the rest of the weekend hold up? Stay tuned for ongoing coverage as hopefully, the con strengthens up and shows just how awesome it can be.


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  1. Phoenix7240

    I’m replying to this post while on the second floor of the radison hotel. Don’t know if you guys saw me walking around I’m in light violet steam punk.

  2. Emily

    Hiiii! I was the L at the Death Note panel! It was loads of fun

    1. MidnightDevont

      Thank you for coming, Oki and I loved hosting it and you were a real sport for playing along with us : D

      1. Emily

        Yes! 😀

  3. Meg

    Thanks for the awesome photo of me and my boyfriend as Eirika and Ephraim! Someone actually ran up to me during the con to show me this article during the con, saying “hey, I just saw you online!!” It was super cool. Thanks again!

    1. MidnightDevont

      Ah, very nice ^^ You guys were amazing, I sat in front of you during Masq, my friend lent you his amv ballet. You were very kind and your costumes were great.

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