Wow. I think that last week all the shows here said “The fuck? You’re going on vacation? Fuck you here’s all terrible episodes.” And then when I came back they’re like “aw, we’re so glad you’re back hideki. Never leave again or we’ll stab you with bad episodes again.” Great. Just great. This season is a Yandere Girlfriend.

But regardless, what we want to know is if this episode was good. So, here we go.

The episode starts out with Hiotan seeing that everyone in the store has their own special area of “Employee picks”. She’s the only one without any and she feels bad as everyone else’s is incredibly elaborate and she has nothing to show for it.

I've always wanted to make my own "employee pick" section at work...
I’ve always wanted to make my own “employee pick” section at work…

One of the best parts of this is the fact that the director put up pictures of Hiotan for his section selling boy manga. Outside the girls can SMELL the yaoi. and they attack the stand like ravenous dogs. Okay, I have to admit, I really laughed at that scene.

What's that girl? Timmy's in a well? and he's having butt sex with a seme?
What’s that girl? Timmy’s in a well? and he’s having butt sex with a seme?

Being frustrated Hiotan heads to a diner with her friends.

Okay. I know this is petty, but I HAD to include this in my review. What the fuck…. is this?


They can spell Coffee and Restaurant right, but what the FUCK is  a jonothgn? Did…did they mean JONATHAN? I mean, i could even understand if they messed up the O, but what in god’s name is the “G” there for? Jonothgn?

Bah. anyway, so her friends decide that desperate measures are called for and they decide to go check out another manga shop in Akihabara to give her a fresh perspective. After a few minutes browsing, she has an epiphany and understands what it means to be a manga fan.

All I gotta say is...heaven BETTER have manga.
All I gotta say is…heaven BETTER have manga.

She puts up her new shelf and the director takes advantage of this again. Because he’s a douche.

The second half of the episode takes place on Valentine’s Day. Fuu is going around giving everybody chocolate. So I bet you can guess what this half is about. Yep, Some more hinting at Sommelier/Fuu romance. and you know what? I am okay with this.'s a....chocolate...melting..zombie... (shifts eyes) ok....ay?
Daw…it’s a….chocolate…melting..zombie… (shifts eyes) ok….ay?

Fuu learns that she can’t give the chocolate to Sommelier just yet because he’s having another one of his Sommelier parties. And if this is anything like last time, I hope that means that-


YES! HENTAI LADY IS BACK! I love this character. I wish she was in every episode.

Once again she’s back to hear more of Sommelier’s smutty suggestions. So what did he think would be a good choice this time?


(Snickers) Fucking christ this show.

Anyway, after the party, Fuu tries to find Sommelier but she finds out that he’s already gone home for the night. Chasing after him, she finally catches up to him at his house. Being invited inside she gives him his present.

What's with all the chocolate porn?
What’s with all the chocolate porn?

The episode ends with Fuu on the way home, not being able to have given him the gift she really wanted to give him, a chocolate heart.


Thank god. This show actually did get back on track. After the train wreck that was last episode, it was nice to see this episode pick up the slack. It had a lot of Fuu/Sommelier romance. But that’s okay. Because that’s the only couple I actually ship or give a crap about in this show.

Unlike last week there were moments when I actually genuinely laughed. I feel far more for the characters when they’re just being their wacky usual selves. Unless you’re Fuu and Sommelier, I don’t want to see your romance. I want to see manga hijinks. And especially the first part, it brought the show back. And I couldn’t be happier.

God Sensei we get it. You suck.
God Sensei we get it. You suck.

This episode has restored my faith in this show. If every episode following this is going to be like this i’ll be very happy. Hopefully we’ll just look back on the last episode as that one REALLY BAD one.

While i’m disliking director more just because of my bias of last episode, I still like the camera girl, Fuu, sommelier, and hiotan. Umio has to prove himself because he’s too busy riding sensei’s dick. The only couple that’s adorable in this show is this one.

Gah! cuteness...overload...
Gah! cuteness…overload…

All in all, great episode and can’t wait for next week.

Episode 8/10



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    Actually, in the restaurant’s name, I think that they did this on purpose to avoid copyright issues. I read somewhere Jonathan’s is a restaurant in Japan, and I guess to avoid outright use of the name…

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