The WIXOSS novel plays a huge part in this episode, since it accurately describes all the things they know about WIXOSS. Chiyori always mentioned it, but Ruko and Hitoe finally read the thing. But! The events leading up to that…

Seeing how manipulative a person Ulith is, she’s doing perfectly fine in her battle with Tama. Tama we see absolutely hates it, but she’s following every order. Ruko is thrilled to see that Tama is okay, and she goes on to apologize to her about her actions regarding her wish before, and she’s realized her mistakes. Thankfully, the two of them are on the same page, and Tama feels the same as Ruko. The battle ends, because poor Eldora, the fight was completely one-sided and Chiyori is still her usual self even during battles. When Ulith leaves, Ruko asks for Tama back, only getting the answer of if she wants Tama back, she’ll have to battle her. Tama tells Ruko not to, ever. And then they leave. One thing that always bothered me about the actual game of WIXOSS are the rules. I have no idea how you win in this game, there’s no HP or anything and it’s always really confusing to me. I knew Chiyori would lose because Tama’s attacks were more powerful, but when there’s no HP I don’t know the progress of the battle.

ssw4.27So, novel time. The three girls go to Ruko’s place to read the novel, seeing as how everything in it is everything they know, like Selectors, LRIGs, the white room, and Mayu. So the girls (Ruko and Hitoe) do investigating and find the author’s email address. So, wanting answers from her and wondering if she’s a Selector, Hitoe writes a very polite email. Chiyori is with Ruko’s granny and she’s lost to her like 6 times. Granny is way too OP. Also, the girls ask Eldora why she didn’t stop Chiyori from battling even though they thoroughly explained everything to her. Eldora did the same, but it just made Chiyori even more excited, AND SHE EVEN TOOK OUT A DRAWING SHE DREW OF HERSELF IN A MAGICAL GIRL OUTFIT. Like…she’s so excited about this, but I don’t know if I should be worried for her? Chiyori’s already lost twice, and one more loss would taint her wish. And I’m guessing her wish is to be a magical girl? So, if her wish were to be tainted, she just would never be able to be a magical girl, so…it wouldn’t really hurt her or anything. Right???

That’s a pretty cute drawing, though.

The next day, they get a reply from the author, with her home address in the reply. The three girls meet up and go to her place (Chiyori totally fangirling), and when they walk into her room, she’s just repeating the words “White Room”, “Large window”, and “Mayu”. And behold, when she turns around, it’s the red-haired girl from the opening!

Also, between these events Ulith makes a visit to Akira’s home, asking her for another favor again, with Akira clinging onto her like a child. I wonder what.

I’m sssw4.40o curious to know what this Futase Fumio girl knows. What we do know is that she is a Selector, judging by the preview and the opening. Iona is hating every single thing right now. Ruko isn’t using her and she’s unhappy. And whenever Ruko is smiling or trying to do everything she can with Hitoe and Yuzuki, Iona calls it disgusting and says somethings off with them. Well, shut up Iona nobody likes you. But she must feel like crap whenever the girls talk about Ruko getting Tama back. I mean, she can’t have two LRIGs.

Another interesting thing is what Ruko, Hitoe, and Yuzuki were talking about before Hitoe went back home. It’s no coincidence that Ulith would become a Selector and get Tama, and Hitoe would become a Selector again and get Yuzuki. It’s a little too coinidental. Just what are Mayu’s motives? And Tama not being a normal girl? Hm hm hm.


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  1. Vange Chandran

    I totally thought the author was a bishounen! 😮 Also, as much as I hate Akira, I’m really worried. This episode especially showed just how devoted Akira is to Ulith, and it’s honestly a little disgusting, both that Akira could act like that, and that Ulith could manipulate someone like that. I reallllly hope Ulith gets what she deserves in the end…

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