Terra Formars Episode 5



GROSS. This was just a huge massacre of cockroaches with backstories mixed in. With Marcos, we learn just how much he admired Sheila. Sheila had always wanted to go to Mars after hearing that humans might be able to live there in the future. Money issues had risen, and the mansion where Sheila and the boys were living in was burned down. Sheila left with her family, Marcos and Alex never got to say goodbye and they stayed behind. They wanted to leave, because everywhere they went was plagued with gangs, discrimination, and poverty. So they look up at the sky, at Mars. So they went to the U-NASA and volunteered for the program, begging because they didn’t have a place to go to. They bump into Captain Komachi, with Sheila right behind him, and the three reunite. Sheila was always accepting, so Marcos really looked up to her. His rage continues on as he kills more roaches, with Komachi helping out.

With Division 2, Michelle is taking out the roaches easily, and her abilities are super cool. Her one ability, super strength from a certain species of ant, she actually inherited from her father who was part of the BUGS 2 mission, as explained by Hiruma the deputy commander of the Annex project, who we get information from when he speaks to the man that used to be in the BUGS mission. Michelle’s other ability is from a rare exploding ant from Malaysia, so when she makes contact with a roach…it explodes. AND IT’S NASTY.


Akira on the other hand is not killing the terraformars, but instead capturing them for samples. He’s successfully captured three. Michelle and Akira are the same, both having superhuman abilities before the Annex surgery, but because Michelle’s father was in the BUGS project. So…who exactly is Akira and who are his parents? For him to have other abilities, he had to have inherited them too. Hiruma explains how important of a weapon Akira is, and Honda, the man at the bar, seems to know about him.

tf5.30When Akira arrived at U-NASA, he met with a boy with the same illness as his childhood friend who died. Michelle told him not to give the little boy much hope, because they might not make it in time with the samples to save him, but Akira talks to the little boy the same way he talked to his friend, asking what they wanted to do after getting better. And he promises the boy he’ll get better. That’s a big promise to make, but he wanted the boy to keep hoping.

After they defeat and capture roaches, all is fine until one just SWOOPS down and crashes onto their vessel, and another comes out the water and grabs Michelle while she’s washing herself. Akira explains, after checking the water, that it’s super deep. And the fucking roach drags Michelle down AND NO, SHE BETTER NOT DIE. I REALLY LIKE MICHELLE, FUCK YOU IF SHE’S GOING TO DIE.

SO…this episode had backstory, and I liked it because we found out how Marcos and Alex got to U-NASA, same with Sheila. We learned more things about the characters, like Michelle and her abilities, so it can give me guesses as to Akira’s character. It’s really interesting how they only censor the death of the humans, but they don’t censor at all with the cockroaches. Really, it was pretty fucking gross. Especially the exploding…just…it was gross. Ew ew ew. Yuck. AND I HOPE MICHELLE ISN’T DEAD, I’M IN DENIAL. Plus, we only focused on Divisions 1 and 2, I really want to know how the other divisions are doing.


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