Hooray it’s time for Denki-Gai! That show where there’s two parts to the episode and half are good! I mean what?

So the first story of the episode starts out with Sensei asking Umio if he likes seeing panties. like…right off the bat. No context, no nothing.

To be fair, she phrased that terribly.
To be fair, she phrased that terribly.

It turns out what she really means is that director told her that her panty drawings suck and she needs to learn how to draw them more tantalizingly. And I swear to god I think they were parodying a “the more you know” skit with this.

the more you knoooowwww
the more you knoooowwww

Umio then teaches sensei the ways of the panty complete with, and i’m not joking here, a way of thinking about panties in manga that he calls “Shrodinger’s panties”

I...I don't even
I…I don’t even

Sensei eventually understands and builds a great stand for the spring panties festival. But of course that’s too easy of an ending. So as the two of them are talking about panties in her manga, Hiotan only listens to half the conversation and gets the wrong idea and freaks out.

Her misunderstanding stuff is par for the course anyway.
Her misunderstanding stuff is par for the course anyway.

And that’s where the first part ends.

The next part takes place on a rainy day. Where for some reason Sommelier shows up without a shirt. Why? Well actually they DO explain later in the episode so I can’t say “I don’t fucking know” you win this round Denki gai (shakes fist)

Shirtless Sommelier is shirtless
Shirtless Sommelier is shirtless

I have to say, this part of the episode is kind of boring. I hope that-


FUCKING YES! I love this chick! Every time she’s in an episode it just makes the show better.

She basically shows up just to buy yaoi manga and join in the fray and take pictures of shirtless Sommelier.

And I have to say, I would be lying if I said I didn’t laugh.

The final bit of this part ends with a weird silent black and white film where it shows how Sommelier found a stray cat and gave it his shirt. Thinking about it, he was going to adopt the cat, but by the time he got back it already had another master and he got sad and left.


bit of  a downer but um..sure let’s go with it.

There’s actually one more part of this episode as part 2 was a bit short.

A pretty famous manga artist is going to stop by the shop and help out, to which Umio almost has a heart attack. When the girl arrives it turns out that she had previously worked for the comic store and also had previously dated director, much to Hiotan’s shock.

to be fair, i'm beginning to think she'd have the same reaction if you told her they were out of paper towels.
to be fair, i’m beginning to think she’d have the same reaction if you told her they were out of paper towels.

Hiotan’s shocked to learn that she’s a clumsy doof just like she is, and after she goes home, the episode ends with them all staying over at director’s house and umio irritating him.

Episode end.

This was definitely one of the better episodes. The first part about the panties was freaking hysterical. I found myself laughing a whole lot even despite myself at schrodinger’s panties. Even though they obviously want to bone (Sensei and Umio) it wast still cute.

The second part was good for 2 reasons. 1. Because the woman showed up. I swear. this lady should be one of the main characters. She’s amazing and I love her. She needs to be in everything in this show.

Secondly, this picture.

Because that's adorable
Because that’s adorable

Seeing Haneko with this hair actually made me “d’aw”. also..I like her with Director a lot more than Hiotan and while the show’s trying to shove that on me, FUCK IT. i know what I like dammit.

The third part was more Hiotan/director garbage being shoved into my face. I don’t know WHY you want me to like this pairing. I don’t. It’s stupid. STOP TRYING SHOW! I DO NOT LIKE THAT PAIRING.

Still, I DID like the Shin-chan reference they threw in.


It was a cute little nod and I really like easter eggs. They need to do more of these.

All in all, definitely one of the stronger episodes. Not fantastic, but good. Good enough that I can’t wait for next week.

Good job this time guys. Maybe next week you can lay off the Hirector even more? maybe?

Episode 7.5/10