Magic Kaito 1412 ~ep 1 [first impressions]

Magic Kaito 1412 is a spin off of Detective Conan, you all already knew that. Why I had to say it is to point out the small similarities and then the gaping differences. First off, the character designs. We’ve always known that Magic Kaito looks like Jimmy, this is a ploy used in Detective Conan rather often however his violent Tsundere girlfriend daughter of a detective…wait I feel like i’ve heard this before. Except Aoko is 3x more violent and annoying then Ran is…I could feel Hideki’s hate of this character from four hours away. [the rough distance between our houses!]


The first thing we establish is that it has been eight years since Phantom Theif Kaitou Kid has been seen, but now he’s back and pulling off heist. However, it’s not Kaito pulling off the heist just yet. We see his day at school harassing Aoko by spilling her panty color to the whole class and then doing the same thing to th teacher. He is however, one Sauve mo-fo and excuses himself from class while whooing the teacher.


He heads home to stumble into a secret basement that his late father had set up eight years prior. You starting to connect the dots? Eight years, his dad, Kaitou Kid’s vanishing act? Yeah, needless to say ontop of being a top notch magician he was also a top notch thief.


Also, they say Poker Face enough times this episode to make a parody of Lady Gaga out of…seriously.

Meanwhile, Aoko whines to Kaito’s mommy about what he does and fishes for his weakness which his mother gives her rather easially. Thanks MOM.


So true to his word in class he decides it’s time to go after the Kaitou Kid who has been in the news in his Dad’s old get up. He waits above where the heist is scheduled to take place and meets with the ‘fake’ Kaitou kid there. It’s time to unvail the secrets and ruin the magic tricks, alright Scoobies, can you tell me who is was behind the mask?

IF you said ‘Old man Jinkins’ then you were correct. It was his father’s old magic assistant Jii who had doned the persona of his old mentor in order to drive out the people that murdered him. Kaito drills him for the truth, was his dad murdered? Who did it and why? Was his dad really the Kaitou kid?


Meanwhile, Aoko’s father detective…Not Richard Moore. Seriously, kind of forgot his name, i’m sure he will grow on me but I’m such a fan of Ran’s dad that I just kind of spaced this guy out. Figures the only place that the guy who just stole a priceless artifact from under his nose could be is the roof. The police run up there and Kaito says he’ll distract them so Jii can get away…


As the police get up there they run after Kaito and he vanishes from the roof top leaving only a white rose in his wake! Well, someone has a new side life as phantom theif and it doesn’t seem to bother him all that much. though there is some intreage here when we see another man in a top hat and cape standing there, seemingly watching Kaito as he rides off into the night. He gets home and talks to his Mom who is like…


“Oh, I thought I told you that your Dad was a famous phantom theif, guess it slipped my mind. tehee.”

Aoko invites him over for a ‘special’ dinner. His one weakness is…..FISH! get it? I forshadowed it earlier by saying she was fishing for…you know what, nevermind. So she harasses him with the fish, he throws the 400 thousand yen jewel into the fish and then the detective finds it, faints and the episode wraps to a close.


How I felt about this episode is….I loved it for the most part, Aoko gets on my nerves and her Dad hasn’t really caught my attention yet but Kaito was enough to really carry the episode and the intreage of the other theif that we saw. The animation is pretty good, I mean, it’s escentially Detective Conan…The opening is fantastic and the soundtrack itself has some beautiful things going on. It’s comedic, it’s intreaging and it’s gonna give us an insight into one of Detective Conan’s most well known antaginist.

Watching: For sure!
covering: YUP!



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3 Responses

  1. hideki sohma says:

    Yep. Yep I have the hate right here! (Throws hate directly at Aoko) FUCK YOU BITCH!

  2. Moonlight says:

    I actually don’t mind Aoko. XD I mean, I’m usually not fond of violent tsunderes at all, but somehow I don’t really find her annoying. I really need to watch Detective Conan, it’s just, every time I see how long it is I just…put it off, which only makes it worse for when I finally decide to catch up. XD I’ve read some old Magic Kaito manga chapters before, though, and it was quite fun so I’m looking forward to seeing how this anime adaptation goes.

  3. phoenix7240 says:

    use this. seriously. xerblade is awsome for having made this. all the plot and character episodes.

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